Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I cant be the only one...

"She aint go no money in the bank- she be walking round looking all stank..."
Hold up
No, dont get it
Boy, shut up
Answers phone Yo, whats up
Shit, whatchu doing
Uhm, fucking. What up?
PEW- call me back
taps man on shoulder Okay, lets finish- we got 12 minutes.

My friends think its funny that I pick up the phone when i'm doing grown up things but it's a habit. Now, I dont always pick up the phone but if its some spare of the moment type shit and i forget to put my shit on vibrate or silent, the ringer will definitely knock me out of my sensual status. All of my friends got ring tones that make it impossible to ignore. How am i supposed to enjoy some good ole tongue spankin if "She got a donk, she got a donk" comes on?

So, question... do you answer the phone when you're doing the nasty?

Disclaimer: ** The d game is always on point so it's not that im not enjoying it. **


Beauty through broken glass said...

Definitely not....Not even, bc it's always that person that will blow the shit out of you and mess up your mood. Plus, the other person might think you are not enjoying it.

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