Friday, March 27, 2009

You're from Baltimore If...

I've been here long enough to point out a true Baltimorean and I can pick em out from anywhere. Bad thing is- I've also been here long enough to pick up on a few things... So, anyway, here's the first list.

  • You got K-Swift (RIP) C.D's in your car, crib and at work
  • You remember walking to the corner store before school to get a twist donut, rap snacks and a 60 cent quarter water with the sports top.
  • You know what a half and half is
  • You drink half and half's with a Lake Trout Dinner or Chicken Box
  • You know what a Chicken Box is
  • You know that the Chicken Box came from Tyrone's
  • You rep either East Side or West Side
  • If you live on neither side, you rep one of the sides cuz "thats where my family lives"

OK- that's it for now...


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