Monday, April 13, 2009

Cassie... Why are you breathing?

and speaking of Cassie's wack ass...

Why is she breathing?

Per Wikipedia : Cassandra Ventura (born August 26, 1986), known by her stage name Cassie, is an American model, R&B and pop singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and occasional music video actress. Cassie was born in New London, Connecticut, to parents of African American, Mexican and West Indian heritage. Cassie was introduced to Ryan Leslie in 2004, who co-wrote and produced the singer's first and best known single, "Me & U", which became a hit in 2006.[1] The singer's self-titled debut album, Cassie, was released on August 8, 2006. The album spawned two singles, "Me & U" and "Long Way 2 Go", and sold 321,000 copies in the US.

Yea, so, this Cassie chick was a model... I can see that... but uhm singer??? That's pretty damn far fetched. Dancer? Hell No. Actress? What the fuck? Music Video Actress... that's more like it but lose the Actress and add Extra.

Cassie is no Beyonce... shit, she's no Ciara. When I look at Cassie I see professional Fuck Buddy to Diddy... even he cant explain why the hell she has a record deal when bomb ass singers like myself struggle to drop this mix tape... just kidding but not really. Anyway- I close my eyes and imagine what life would be like if there were no Cassie and I see unicorns, rainbows and the Care Bears. Really... Cassie is useless in the music industry... probably more than A-Kon. I'm thinking she should cut her losses, not her hair, and put in an application at FootLocker (so fricking hard to get a job there) as I don't see longevity with this music thing. Whoo hoo! She sold over 300k records... i, being someone that collect all types of bullshit, actually kicked out the 7.99 for the CD. Again... i like a lot of bullshit... but what about the other millions of people that bought Britney Spears CD? Even they didnt like that shit.

After research of Cassie which just brought up a bunch of her wack ass performances including the 106 & Park disaster, I have come to the conclusion that Cassie is necessary because Diddy realized it was impossible for him to suck his own dick. Therefore, because I like Diddy, she is permitted to breath until Diddy finds another John Leguizamo look-alike (Dani is too funny) to braid his coochie hair.


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