Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Are You Breathing...

was something I used to say to people that I felt were unnecessary to the world. I stopped because I realized that we are all creatures of God's and were created for a reason known to him and I shouldn't question ones existence.

Then--- i stepped back and came to the following conclusion... "Why are you breathing?" is a legitimate question. I am a person that needs to know the why's of the world. Why is mustard yellow? Turmeric acid. Why do people have red eyes in pictures? Light reflections off of the retinas of one's eye. So, you see, I have a bunch of random ass questions that I have asked questions to and now I have millions of random facts that no one cares about stored in my brain.

But I digress... I have decided to start another series... The Why Are You Breathing Series... A series that questions random people's existence. Some people will take some real research others will remain an unanswer rhetorical question. For those critics that believe that no one should question God and I'm speaking blasphemy- trust me... I'm with you but I'm bored and this intrigues me so I'm doing it... so there!

First Up.. this man...


Per Wikipedia: Aliaune Thiam (born April 16, 1977),[1] better known by his stage name Akon (pronounced A- CON), is a Wolof[3]Senegalese-American hip hop singer-songwriter,rapper, and record producer.

I think A-KON is A-Klown. My thoughts is that he has not contributed to society nor has he really done anything mention-worthy since he invited himself into the music industry with "Locked Up". Off the dome... I remember him gyrating and dirty dancing with a minor, throwing some kid off of a stage, being accused of being a bigamist, lying about his age and thing thing that officially makes me question his worthiness to breathe... starting the career another another individual that I question- T-Muthafucking Pain. Eh- Akon... I don't like you... don't know too many people that still support you. I think you're weird, you remind me of a cat that I colored for Halloween in elementary school yellow eyes and all, and your musical contributions are nothing more than bullshit to clog the airwaves.

The only reason I can give to answer why you are breathing is that... we need someone to sing hooks on rap songs since Nate Dogg is out of commission after his stroke. I have bad news for you though... no dude really sings on rap songs anymore so you may be S.O.L soon. However... checking my crystal ball... I see a reality show in the making for you... Home With Akon and his Wives. Uhm--- Hell No.


Don said...

Off the chain. LOL. If you have a Why Are You Breathing concerning T-Pain, I'd love to read it.

Akon's time has pretty much passed, so you can take it easy on him.

Funny ish @ Then--- i stepped back and came to the following conclusion... "Why are you breathing?" is a legitimate question.

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