Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Open letter

To Whom This May Concern:

After a long and tumultuous love/hate relationship of 4 years, i have decided that I can no longer take this bullshit rollercoaster ride with you. I feel like after all of this time the least you could do is tell me what the fuck is up instead of making choices without consulting with me first. I've spent thousands of dollars with you and i kept this relationship going even when you would cut me off and not offer anything to me besides a shitty ass "I'm Sorry". Now, just like every other piece of shit thing in my life, I will toss your bitch ass into the Bucket. Not at the top there is no chance of reconciliation for I have found someone new to satisfy my needs. I get more... and as of right... I'm happy. You see... you were'nt measuring up in the communication department and now this new thing in my life is.

I never thought you would repay me by jacking up my shit and taking away what I earned. Those were my fucking rollover minutes! I lose my shit and you wont replace it because its a "top of the line" piece of equipment? For real? I didn't know that! Maybe that's why I wanted the insurance. You overdraft my account in 2006... remember that? Remember what you offered me? 3,000 rollover minutes. 3,000 roll-over minutes that you took away from me because I never got the chance to use them. Then you fucked up again and started charging me to talk to muthafuckas on my own plan! Remember what you offered me? Yup, 3000 rollover minutes that you took away from me again. You fucked me and didn't kiss me.

So check it... I'm taking charge of my life and as of today... you can consider us done. finished. over. Pick any word that means FUCK YOU! Trust that i will never return and that 164.90 a month you used to get from me will now go to someone that understands that we are in a damn recession and companies need business and understands the value of a loyal customer.

With that being said, At&T, I hope that you will eventually realize what you lost and hope that you learn from your mistakes. Fuck you, your shitty service, your shitball IPhone and the after hours foreigners that cant ever answer my questions.

T-Mobile's new customer

P.S--- Please note that you will probably not get the money that I owe you either. That's going to my G1. You're thinking collections? I'm thinking... you'll have plenty of company; check my credit and see that a fuck i do not give.



Jay1 said...

congrats. can i have your new number?

Anonymous said...

That is me today with AT&T today.

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