Monday, May 4, 2009

Lover's Mix...

During my high school years, i remember being one of the few kids with a computer + the Internet+ a CD burner and hella CD's. All those things plus me having an extensive knowledge of music (i'm a human Ipod) made me the perfect go-to person to get any and all music.

I remember my homegirl planned on losing her virginity and wanted a mix CD of slow jams so that she could get it in with some thugged out dude that lived on Greenmount. She didn't want to listen to pussy drying radio... damn commercials would've eff'd everything up with their genital herpes medication trial offer.

So, anyway, with my Gateway PC (remember those?), Napster and a few CD's i created a mix tape... titled "Losing It... The Demise of Her Virginity". This CD was the fucking business! It had a few joints from 112, Xscape, Jagged Edge and you know I threw R.Kelly nasty ass on there.

Well... I don't know if the CD worked but my girl came back to school the next day and praised it. Me and my hustling mind came up with the plan to make a bunch of em and sell them to the people at my school and with me being the marketing genius that I am (in my head, of course)called the CD "Panty Dropper" for the guys and for the girls I renamed it " Lovers Mix... ". Shit sold like 1st of the month food stamps. I made over a hundred dollars hustling my shit. 100 was a lot to a high school junior with a addiction to Forever21 and sneakers.

Anyway... now that we're in the era of the MP3 and Ipod's, mix CD's are almost a thing of the past. (Thank god! Try to get done to a scratched up chopped and screwed version of "Down Low"... definitely a mood fucker-upper). However, i know you all still like to bump and grind to eh... Bump and Grind.

So... with all of that being said... here is my 1st list (more to come) of fuckalicious songs that keep the ambiance right while you're getting it in with the special- or not so special- person in your life. I may- or may not- link them for your downloading pleasure. In the meantime, use the list as a guide to find your own shit. :)

Lover's Mix... Pt 1
  1. The Greatest Sex by R. Kelly
  2. Lay Down by Floetry
  3. Speechless by Beyonce
  4. In the Middle by Trey Songz
  5. Say It by Ne-Yo
  6. Cupid by 112
  7. Lately by Tyrese
  8. Sumthin, Sumthin (mello mix from Love Jones) by Maxwell
  9. Softest Place on Earth by Xscape
  10. Anytime, Anyplace by Janet Jackson
  11. Dont Fight This Feeling by Day26
  12. Trading Places by Usher


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