Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meagan Good, Why are you Breathing????

I have a love hate relationship with this Meagan Good chick which is one of the reasons why I battled with myself for approximately 5 minutes before deciding to do a WAYB post about her.

I like Meagan because she is a bad bitch. She reminds me of the hood chicks from my days at Lake Clifton and she just seems real. Sometimes too damn real because what irritates me the most about Ms. Meagan is that she's a somewhat well known actress and girlfriend of a NFL player but still chooses to rock the same shit... over.... and over... again. Her uniform consists of American Apparel leggings, YSL tribute pumps, tank top or tee, jacket, bamboo earrings and cigarettes (see aboved).

Because I had doubts about putting her on here, I decided to do a little research. Came up with nothing. She's about as relevant and necessary as... Akon or 8 track players.... or those little buttons that you put in the holes of Crocs.

She was OK in Waist Deep ("Bitch, cash my check!)... little disturbed by her role in Eve's Bayou (incestuous much?), Unnecessary in You Got Served... Come to think of it, the best acting she did was as the little girl in the movie Friday when she said "Man, I hate him!".

If you don't agree with me...I'm sure that you will once you glance over Filmography and Achievements/Awards.

Kid #2 <--- Kid #2... wasn't even important enough to get a name

Make a Wish, Molly
Eve's Bayou
Cisely Batiste
The Secret Life of Girls

3 Strikes
Buela Douglas

House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute <---- this is just embarrassing

Deliver Us from Eva
Jacqui Dandrige

Ride or Die
Fake Venus
Alternative title: Hustle and Heat

Max Brewer

You Got Served

The Cookout

Brick <--- the fuck is this?????
Venom <---- the fuck is this?????
Cece Jim Gillespie

Roll Bounce <--- the star of this movie was Bow-Wow... that should tell you something
Naomi Phillips

Miles from Home <---- Must be a redBox original??? Natasha Freeman
Waist Deep

Stomp the Yard <--- she got on my damn nerves. Should've got Lauren London to play her.
April 2008
One Missed Call
Shelley Baum

The Love Guru <--- only she could ruin a Mike Myers movie Prudence Roanoke

Saw V <---- raise you hand if you smiled on the inside when she died

The Unborn

Awards???? Her mantle is empty. No BET awards, Nickelodeon, Teen Choice... no nothing. How can you not even get a Nick Award for your role on Cousin Skeeter which is ran on Nickelodeon?

There may still be hope for her. Apparently, she's working on a R&B album...

Exactly what you're thinking.


Strongblkwmn said...

She's a cute girl and a decent actress, but i've always thought she basically played the same role in every movie. I'd like to see her do something different. She's young maybe she'll get there eventually.

First time visitor, love the blog.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!you funny as shit just wanted to let you know that,you should be getting paid for your wit,your blogs be on point you got a sence of humor i can dig.

Don said...

You are INSANELY hilarious.

I think Meagan Good is a bad broad. Not a great actress or anything like that. She just looks like she is.

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