Monday, May 11, 2009

I dont trust...

anyone... well, there are some that I trust but for the most part... I don't trust any body. Between what I've learned while studying law and things that I have experienced, i have been "trained" to pick apart what i am told to get the truth. I don't like being lied to but, unfortunately, it happens and I consider myself to be a great Bullshit detector. On the flip side to that... i am also an emotional fool and I fall hard and fast which sometimes conflicts with my BS detector.

I'm sitting here asking myself... do I want to trust people or do I want to be a paranoid freak that has to investigate everyone that I bring into my life. Can there be a happy medium? I want to say yes BUT I cant. I have a child... someone that I am responsible for. A little person that is affected by everything that I do and my life and his life coincides. I cant allow people into my life without making sure everything is on the up and up.

So yeah... i have no problem running your shit through the MD judiciary system. Working in apartment management has given me the knowledge on how to check leases, credit, criminal and civil case history and I take that knowledge and use it to my advantage to make sure that I'm not being lied to. I listen to what you say but I always doubt. No benefit of the doubt for me as there is no damn benefit of having doubts. The littlest of a lie will make me upset because I believe that if you'd lie to me about dumb shit you'd lie to me about big shit and that's a no no.

So... I'm giving all of my readers, stalkers (those that know me, found me, read my shit and try to pretend that they don't), ex's, friends and family members the opportunity to tell me anything that they feel I should know. I am only asking the questions that I already know the answer to.


Anonymous said...

I totally feel you on this post. TRUST is a BIG issue. & Liars need to kill themselves, like SERIOUSLY. Im just like you do not lie to me bc I will find out. I dont care how much research or investigating I have to do PLEASE believe I will catch yo ass.

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