Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still Dont like Twitter

But I've learned how to play Sudoku and im getting better at it. The first time it took me 22 mins to complete... then 15 minutes... then 8 minutes.
It's just too damn addicting. I damn near fell asleep with little boxes of numbers and words in my head. SMH

I need to lay off of the damn facebook apps. They got me going bizonkers.

I'll post about something later... hopefully.


Anonymous said...

oh lord. Khaki I was talkn to you on twitter. Did u recieve any of my msgs?

khaki said...

oh, i saw your msg... i was just so damn confused on how to respond to them. Thinking i was supposed to click on your name then write something. Guess not. I think i got it... check me out LMAO

sunshinestar110 said...

ya'll have have that Twitter stuff! I tried to make it wokr but i just don't get it. Maybe you will have more luck than I

Epitome said...

It's weird at first...I wanted to hang up the whole twitter thing 2 seconds after signing in but once you get people to talk to its addictive as hell

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