Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm sorry...

Seems like I confused some folks with my last post. Not sure if the title contradicted the actual blog or what.... Im thinking I should've put it in quotes to emphasize sarcasm **shrugs**.

In any event... I've read that I've confused one or maybe a few readers- not really counting.

So this is my moment of clarity to clarify my last blog.

While my relationship with HIM may seem complicated and complex, and in some ways I can understand how it can be viewed that way, i still wish not to tell people that Im in a "complicated" relationship. I'm single...  have no boyfriend... and can still deal with  who I want. I just choose not to.

The thing with saying that you're in a complicated relationship is that it's too vague and leaves too many questions unanswered. Questions that you don't even have to provide an answer to. I'm a yes/no, black/white, available/not available type of girl. "Either you is or you aint"- as my ghettofied homie would say.

When guys would ask if i was single- I would cop out and say "yeah but I'm kinda not... it's complicated". That ain't me. First of all, that's too much information provided about my personal life and, secondly, I'm a punk for no one. I can admit if I'm dealing with someone else but wouldn't mind dealing with someone new.

I notice that folks use the "its complicated" term when they're beefing with their significant other or if they got a main chick/dick but fuck other people. My question is- what makes a relationship status complicated? is it that you're dealing with someone but not exclusively? is it that he thinks you're his main chick but you fucking Ray Ray too? or is that you want to be "open" with the new chick and tell her about the other bitch on the side? Can a relationship that considered complicated- such as a "I got several bitches on the side"- even be called a relationship?

This is why i wanted to talk about this... I wanted to get your feedback on what you think about it. Im loving that you all had something to say about it.

So- it's cool if you choose to state that your relationship is "complicated". That's just not for me... anymore. I'm available... accepting applications... on the market... single... unattached... all that good shit.

What Starz say?? "To each his own"- yeah, that'll work.

Recap: I say to-ma-toe you say to-mah-toe. It's all semantics and your perception of what is and what aint.


Anonymous said...

this was a good topic!! when you could bring up something everyone has different views on ... is good!!! im clarified!! i get what your saying...

so simply, its the motive in which you use "complicated' If your trying to run from the answer... thats punking out. but atleast once in ur life you just might have to ask yourself and your "boyfriend/girlfriend" ..... where do we stand? which is really not knowing.

complicated shouldn't be a status for a year... lol.. now thats some BS

Tori said...

agreed. motive. my shit aint punkin out. its cause ii dont know. and she right if that shits too long that aint complicated you just dumb!

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