Thursday, August 6, 2009

"It's Complicated"-- check them quotation marks.

Haven't really been doing shit thus no blogs lately. *sigh*
However, although I have not being doing anything blogworthy i have come to the following conclusions.

  • You can not be in a friendlationship with a married man- you're just a mistress
  • Placing your relationship status as "It's complicated" is bullshit and people that do it are either punks or players.
That basically means I ain't cut out for the mistress bullshit.

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Miss Odukoya xx said...

I like that..don't place limitations on yourself..
I love your blog

Anonymous said...

i think for women..."complicated" is valid... and sometimes is really not a cop out.. or an excuse.. but it should be exclusive to women.. lol.. men will take advantage of that option quick!!! but, like your situation it is .. "complicated" i liked reading this cause at least your understanding that you were limiting yourself.. and you wont anymore!

but getting caught up in someone is craaaazy!! it will have you settling.. and compromising.. AND doing stuff you shook your head too ... been there!!! done that!! its a weakening drug that clouds your brain and cause you only to see only the good things.. and ignore the baggage!!... lol.

all though u didn't say it.. you sound bit by the love bug.. lol. and that doesn't go away easy.. it takes time. so if you fall back in............ *shruggs*

khaki said...

Withlove- let me find out you placing double standards...
When it comes to relationships- youre either single or not. With my situation- it wasnt complicated. Im single but I was only fucking one person. All someone needs to know about me when they meet me is if im available. Will admit- i love the dude ( i think i said that). we'll have to see how things work out. Complicated = cop out (in my book). Give me a situation that you would consider "complicated".

@ ms ohdukoya- thanks for stopping by. Glad you like it.

ThinkGoHard said...

so I think someone just gave me some inspiration for a new topic to blog about....

☆Reese✮ said...

"complicated=cop out"

dearly beloved. said...

*waves extra hard at "ThinkGOHard"*


ok I apologize back to the topic at hand.. umm wait what were you talking about again?

*goes back to read blog again*

khaki said...

@ thinkhard... happy i can be of assistance???

@ dearly beloved- yo dont come thru my spot all starstruck over thinkhard and then not remember my problems. thank you for your concern LMAO

@reese- at least you care about my issues

dearly beloved. said...

LOL.. i kid i kid..

you know the beloved one cares!

But I feel you on that complicated=cop out. You're either in it or you're not. Ain't no two-steping in relationships. I wish a mu'fucka would!

But at the same time you gotta set the tone for your "relationship". If you don't like whats being done handle it accordingly. Don't put a label on it that makes you feel better; "complicated" my ass!

Anonymous said...

This was a really great read. All i have to say is do whats best for you, limit yourself for no one.

JSADTheKing said...

I've wondered a thousand times why women allow a man to put them in that situation. I've met women who live with their man or husband but then get pissed off when i was not interested, lol. A good women or man should never accept anything less than what they are worth in a relationship and that means 100%, 100% time and 100% attention.

Jasmyn said...

well never been in a love situation so i do have experience advice but i do co-sign with some of the fellow bloggers above me.
nice read by the way.

simone_dior said...

1st- yayyyyy! u posted!
I'm glad u realized the situation for what it is and admire ur candidness. them damn feelings always have a way of getting u caught up,dont they?! grrr..

Anonymous said...

i mean.. if your looking at single/not single in its most literal sense. i feel like i have been somewhere lingering in the middle. if i was in ur situation... i, ME .... MYSELF personally would look at it as complicated. until i woke up. he aint fully committed to me, but I, him.... if someone were to ask me, id say "its complicated." and double standards?? YUP. most guys will use that as an excuse. I honestly, if given the right situation........... i'll say ITS COMPLICATED in a quick second and wishing that it was really was an excuse.

but hey........ to each his own.

Miss Odukoya xx said...

Hey again!!! Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog :)

mzkiz said...

I don't look at everything so literally. Complication is an option. With an experience I had, I don't think my status was complicated, I know it was. Everyone doesn't see life in black and white.

Tori said...

fuck you mean ii cant have complicated as my status???? LMAO. my shit was very complicated, not single not together. thats why its no longer existing. the time between good and over... complicated. COMPLICATED IS NOT A FUCKING COP OUT! im offended! lmao.

khaki said...

@ Miss Bee--- Hi buddy. you know how I do... peep those tweets about pajama boy Chase??? LMAO

@ Jsad- I agree- but men dont put us in those situations. WE do it to ourselves.

@ Jasmyn- Hi thanks for reading!

@ with starz- Totally see what
youre saying. I guess double standards are good when they work in my favor. Lol

@ Simone- dont act like you missed me an shit. lol I was trying to be like you going on blog vacation.

@ Miss O- youre welcome ;)

@ mskiz- youre right... perception is key.

@ Tori- oh my... LMAO. Hun, if you want to list complicated as an option that all you boo. LMAO I'm just choosing not to deal with niggas in these "complicated" relationships and im choosing not to say im in a complicated relationship. Thanks for the comment and the laugh tho. Peeped the blog about my "contradicting" post this morning. I digs.

Kim said...

omg i just tweeted something about a compicated relationship.

"congratulations to all the females on facebook who's in a "complicated" relationship. you know damn well y'all dating the same dude."

Tori said...

okay. above me. not funny. thanks following! diggin your blog!

StarrBURST! said...

This is so damn true. I hate those "complicated" statuses. Especially when a couple of days later, the shit has changed to "engaged" or "in an open relationship" is an open relationship and why the fcuk are you blasting it like that shit is special?! Some ppl kill me with that mess. And they wonder why things never go right. It's "complicated" because they're sharing themselves in "open relationships" hoping to someday be "engaged" to some peen that was never theirs to begin with. SMFH. Keep it up chick. I love the blogs!

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