Friday, September 25, 2009

1st Time...

I'm sitting here thinking about all of my little cousins that I didn't realize werent so little anymore. Most of them were born in the early-mid 90's and are in high school now. I remember them as little kids playing Redlight Greenlight and eating fruit roll ups while watching a Nickelodeon cartoon now I'm looking at Facebook pages with "S#xy az I wanna b3!!!" and I'm wondering if my little cousins are fucking. I'm hoping not but the sad reality is that they probably are.

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BFrank84 said...

Follower out of

I was 14...I remember telling my then boyfriend I wasn't a virgin initially (because I thought that wasn't cool) and saying I wait up to four months (the fuck right?)

I don't regret it but I would have held off a bit longer. I am not mad he was my first though.

Holding out longer I guess is the only regret

Why did I do it? Well everyone in our clique was doing it and was always talking about it and the books I read was not graphic enough for me to lie my way through these storytelling times in the clique....I remember being so proud the next day at school cause he came over the following morning and we bumped uglies...I went around saying smell my shirt...doesn't it smell like SpeedStick (which was his deoderant....lmao) FOOLISH AND TOO YOUNG!

Krissy said...

I lost my virginity when I was 19. I don't regret losing it because I don't like to live in regret but I do WISH I had chose a better partner. I was 19 and he was a 27 year old loser. I could have done much better but at the time, I didn't feel like I could. Looking back, UGH!

Kids are having sex much earlier than they used to and to me that's sad. They WANT to be parents at a young age. They get pregnant on purpose because "babies are cute", "He wanted me to have his babies.", " I just want someone who loves me." and other such reasons. They look at sex so casually and don't think about protection its kind of sick. I know I talk to my nieces and nephews about sex and they are all young. I need them to know just because it's on TV doesn't mean they should be thinking about it at all.

sunshinestar110 said...

I was 14yrs old and thought i knew everything. I wasn't one of those fast girls or had daddy father was always around. I was the little tomboy girl who wanted to become a young girlly women. I look back now and see that I wasn't ready for the grown up issues and problems that came wit sex. I had an older bf who i wanted to like me more than the other girls who were throwing themselves at him, so i had sex with him If i could do it again I would wait wait wait..maybe for more maturity..maybe with someone that i felt was the one.I know now that i was just a baby trynna to be adult.

khaki said...

@BFrank- hey lurker! thanks for coming thru and commenting. shirt smelling like speed stick? LOL. thats crazy because I kept my first's shirt because it smelled like Joop. Lame? LOL

@ krissy- I can dig it. I see that even waiting longer some still arend 100% happy with their choice.

@ Sunshinestar dang, i felt like i wrote your comment. same here- tomboy with Reebok classics and bow-biters pressed to wear high heeled jellies. LOL

Insatiable One said...

I was 19, a freshman in college. I lost it to my then boyfriend, who was 21 at the time. Yes, I think I was ready and yes I think he was the right one for me to lose it to. I do wish I were married but I think about how miserable I would have been married to him and my life? Shit, I probably would have never finished college or done anything with my life.

We broke up about two years later and that was the best decision I ever made. I'm 28 now and mother to a wonderful little boy by a great guy. We aren't married but our relationship works for us. I'm happy.

I encourage all my little cousins and little girls to wait on having sex. It's a huge responsibility and much better if its with someone you love. Everyone is in such a hurry to grow up. honestly, sex was the furthest thing from my mind until I entered college. Now I look back at my life and don't regret anything.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

It happened my freshman year of college. I had just turned 18 and decided that when my boyfriend came to visit for Homecoming, I was going to finally 'do it'. I wanted to experience what everyone else claimed to be feeling. It wasn't what I expected at all. It hurt like hell. I just remember thinking, "Is this what the hype is all about?" I don't regret it though. He was my first love.

I do agree that kids these days are way more bolder in the area of sex than I'd say back in my day. It kills me when these young girls are so pressed to be pregnant and have baby showers all because they thinks it's "cute". No boo. It's not gon' be cute when that baby is kickin' yo' ass all night. It's not gon' be cute when you're struggling to make ends meet. It's not gon' be cute when you look back and realize how you should've waited. They need to enjoy being children. This adult sh*t ain't all it's cracked up to be. It makes me afraid of what my future children are up against.

Epitome said...

You've inspired me...I shall blog

Eurydice said...

I was 16, a sophmore in hs. It started when I had told A guy that I was talking to that I wasn't a virgin.

I then had to go and tell my best friends that I wasnt a virgin because the guys they were dealing with were friends with my first.

Only to find out that they had already had sex && didnt tell me. I was the last one, secretly. So I felt there was added pressure to loose it.

Its sad, looking back now I saw my virginity as something to get rid of && not something to cherish!

Needless to say, the guy & I never became official & we kinda just went our seperate ways.

I was young & foolish but I dont regret anything because I've learned from my mistakes (including not to repeat them).

Krissy said...

now that's true. Waiting doesn't grantee a better choice in person or a better experience altogether. I think waiting until you are mature enough to handling being sexually active is what kids should wait for. I was mature enough, I just didn't enjoy the experience. I was celibate for awhile after I broke up with him.

Anonymous said...

good shit right here. Khaki Im w you. I was like 13 or 14 SMH. My father wasnt in my life like he should have been, but I dont think me losing my virginity @ an early age had much to do w that either. I think it was me simply wanting to be grown & test the waters. I remember my BFF @ the time had already been having sex for hellas. She lost her virginity when she was like 10. & I remember her sharing her experiences w me, & I think thats what pushed me to do. She didnt push me to do it, BUT my curiosity got the best of me. & in the bk of my mind, I knew I was not ready to have sex & I did it anyway, I guess wanting to fit in or see what all the hype was about. I definitely wish I had waited longer, but in the process of me thinking I was grown I learned a lot.

f1trey said...

I was 18 darlin when i lost it and glad it wasnt regrets... nice blog......

aRRe said...

< unmarried. virgin. 22 [23 on 1/22] ...seems like I'll still be tighter than the New Boyz jeans on my 23rd. These mofo's aint got nuttin for me.

...well, they do. & I kinda want it lol but I'm popping hands if they dare get near my cookie jar! ...this shit is exclu! [thats how i feel]

PhlyyGirl said...

I was HELLLA young when I lost mine.
I don't regret it, but my only wish is that the boy was still in my life.
Nothing bad happened to us, we just fell apart.
I didn't have daddy issues cause my parents didn't divorce until WELL after I'd had sex the first time, I was just a fast ass girl who wanted to give it up.
Like Eurydice said, I saw my virginity as something to get rid of not something to be cherished.
I do hope that I don't have a daughter because I'm not sure what I'll tell her when that time comes, but hoepfully I'll be able to inform her enough that she can make her own educated decision.
Great post!

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