Monday, September 28, 2009


just like assholes- everybody got one.

I take this blogging shit kinda serious. I log on, jot whatever's on my mind, review, spellcheck, might post a pic then I "PUBLISH" and I'm relieved of whatever thought was residing in my mind for however long I held it in. Sometimes- you all (my lovely readers) will post a comment- usually in agreement sometimes just advice and, on rare occasions, I'll get some negative feedback. In any event, I appreciate all of your comments, suggestions, advice, feedback etc because, although your comments are not the sole reason why i do this, it's definitely motivation for me to express myself through blogging.

Now for why i said that...

I follow a lovely blogger- Stacie- and a few days ago she blogged about her smoking weed during her pregnancy. While i don't agree with recreational usage of drugs during pregnancy, I found her honesty honorable. I can admire someone who can recognize their faults and bad habits and reveal them to the world. That is what blogging is about. Not everyone can blog about the hottest trends, makeup and Beyonce. Some choose to talk about their lives and use the web as an online diary- like me.

So, after reading her post I felt it necessary to say how I felt about her posting on her habit. Again, i mentioned that I valued her honesty and was praying for her and her baby. Another poster, anonymously posted that she was a "dummy". *insert blank look here* Eh... that's comes with the territory of blogging. Now, I saw the "dummy" comment and I thought that if someone came to my page and called me a dummy, i would be highly upset and would probably go on a curse-filled rant. HOWEVER, with that being said, if i make a post acknowledging my ignorance or idiotic behavior, I will not fault someone for agreeing with me. Catch 22?

Well, Stacie didn't take that "dummy" comment too well and did what i probably would've done- a curse-filled rant complete with calling her readers "bitches" at the end of said rant. She's entitled to do that- shit, it's her blog and her anger, while a little over the top, was understandable.

but I guess I'm writing this post now to say this... don't take what people say so damn seriously. I put myself out there for the world to see. Most of the people that read my blog may not agree with my over usage of profanity, sleeping with a married man, and all the other sin-filled things I do in my life BUT what I write is a small percentage of who I am. At the end of the day, (i hate when Keyshia Cole and Frankie say that over & over again) I AM ME and THIS IS MY GA'DAMN BLOG. If I didn't want ya'll feedback, I'd block commenting. If you don't want to read it, there is a little X a the top right corner- feel free to use the mouse to click it. I'll wait.

For those that didn't click the X and are still here... I don't take offense to anything that ya'll say. I look at it as people being people and saying how they feel and I cant do anything but appreciate and accept that. I've read things that may have not been directed to me but may be my exact situation and I said "fuck it". I'm going to Rocko this shit here I call life and do me and I kindly advise you all out there that blog and read to do the same. You don't want people calling you dummies an' shit- block comments and don't request people to give you the "good and bad" or else folks will give you the good and bad. Getting yo blood pressure all high because of anonymous posters in virtual world is not what's up in '09 and it just shows that you agree with whatever it was that was said.

With that- I'm out like dykes and I dare somebody to come to my shit and call me a fucking dummy

P.S- I am aware that in very, very rare occasions there are people born without assholes. However, even they still have opinions. No Offense.


Epitome said...

I agree, it takes alot to blog about ones self, not just random shit, but REALLY about yourself. That's intimate to let some people you don't know into your world. And it's hard not to take some of the things people say to heart once you've put yourself out there in that capacity; one reason I could never be famous

Chisé said...

I can definitely understand why she would backfire like that.
Hell! it would be in my conscience to do the same shit...but hey!
If i posted the shit...i wanted it to be read.
My blog might have some fuckery in it..but i leave the comment box free for anyone :) lls

could have swornnn reading the last part you said getting your blog pressure up..and i started die laughing lmfao

khaki said...

@ Chise- nah, i didnt but now im going to start saying it. LOL

Krissy said...

I have to agree. Putting yourself out there allows for public scrutiny. It comes with the territory. Either you can ignore it and skip to the next comment or you can address it, but if you leave your comments open, people are going to post what they feel. And everyone won't be a "yes man" all the time ( tho I find on some blogs pretty much all of the commenter's are no matter what the topic was about) So you have to take the good with the bad when blogging and sometimes just ignore those you see fit to ignore.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

You know...this is really true. I was like sitting here contemplating about blogging about this situation I'm in now but after I talked so much shit about this dude and his bm and claimed to be done with him, my damn tune has so changed....but then I felt like I would look stupid as hell because just the other day I was on some I don't want him type mess....ugh. Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
I'm a new follower on your blog. I'm lovin your no-bullshit attitude!

lalaliybean said...

i understand what you're saying about the "sin-filled" things but this isn't just a sin it's a health hazard to an innocent human being. i am a weed smoker day in and day out and i cannot predict the future but i pray that if i feel like i need to smoke while i'm pregnant someone will stop me. my major is special education and the effects that weed can have on a baby can change their whole future. how they learn, physical defects, and in turn effect them into their adult life. it's WRONG! and no one said it wasn't her blog to post that, they just called her a dummy, which in my opinion, is true! it is what it is.

f1trey said...

LOL let it fly girl!......

Traci Lavette said...

Wow. I haven't read the other person's blog yet to see the exchange but I can imagine that I probably would have been pissed at somebody calling me a dummy and then logging the comment as anonymous. But at the same time, like you said, we put our life out there for everybody to see, and people are bound to comment...sometimes it will be negative, sometimes positive.

With that said, a situation as sensitive as smoking while pregnant is bound to ruffle the feathers of quite a few. And like you said, unless you remove the option to comment, those people that hold the topic near and dear, will mos def have some choice words.

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