Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Day My Christmas Spirit Died....

Let me just start by saying I love all things Christmas... the decorations, the cheerfulness, the shopping, my son's face when he opens presents, and most of all the Christmas music (don't front like y'all don't sing "This Christmas"). However, Christmas hasn't been the same for me since Christmas of 2002.

Christmas was considered a big event in my house growing up. My mom was a T.V mom. She decorated the whole house with green garland and lights, cooked a big dinner and always bought trees bigger than our living room could hold. This particular Christmas was going to be bigger than the previous ones because my dad had received a large settlement and promised us a huge Christmas with a lot of presents.

For weeks, i had done all of the shopping because my parents were busy working late shifts and didn't have time for shopping. At 16, i was taking several buses and traveling to the malls to buy the presents that I knew my siblings and parents would want. After I'd come home, I'd go in my room and wrap the presents up in beautiful paper and ribbon and store them in my closet. There were so many gifts in my room that I couldn't close my closet door and had to hide them under my bed... Playstations, MP3 players, computers, movies, jewelry. You name it, I bought it. I wanted everybody happy when Christmas came.

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sunshinestar110 said... i two know that feeling but they forgot me on my birthday! and its ok we shall go the spa together!!!

eaglebird said...

Damn you got me feeling bad over here..."what are you trying do to me over here uhh",but that was the past you get the chance now to show your lil'one he wont be forgotten at anytime just thought on the up side,but umm yeah have a safe and fun holiday and keep them good post rolling in so I can have something good to read bringing in the new year lol.

Epiphany said...

Damn, this sucks. I know the feeling as well, but I'm forgotten almost everyday when it's NOT a holiday. And I don't like Christmas anyway lol...i always had to choose between my bday (a few days before) and Christmas.

But like eaglebird said, now what matters is you're child. You get the chance to show your child he won't be forgotten and you're always there for him no matter what. :)

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