Monday, January 25, 2010

How can you laugh at death?

Dear the-south-shall-rise-again-uber republican-white supremacist racist asshole,

Since when is it ever OK to mock or criticize someone for helping 111,000 + victims of a natural disaster? How could you look at a child trapped under cement and only see the color of dirt? How could someone that lives in a nation under one God look at over 100,000 of his children's bodies and not feel one ounce of sympathy or hurt? Does having a social security number and being Caucasian equal "better"?

These are questions that I ask myself to figure out how a human being can look at another human being covered in blood with broken bones and only see "black" and "immigrant". You, sir, are one of the many reasons why God cries.

I used to think that your kind only existed in the deep south where they still had Klan meetings and almost every white man with a thjick southern accent had a Confederate flag on his porch, pickup truck and trucker hat but there you are... sitting behind your big desk in your Brooks Brother suit and wing-tipped shoes... coaching the soccer team... or opening the door for me at Starbucks in the heart of Baltimore City. Sadly, it took for a major devastation in a primarily black country for you to take off the suit and put that hood on.

While I am sad to see that people like you still exist, I am happy to say that for every one of you there are many people that see the elderly woman's foot stuck under what used to be a community center. There are people that will stand up for the citizens of Haiti. There are people that will adopt the Haiti children that lost their family in the earthquake. There are people- your everyday red-blooded American citizens- that will look beyond color and see death and devastation. Shit, even the repressed racist and former President George W took a stand and raised money for the people of Haiti while you sat under your invisible hoods, holding your make believe noose and laughed.

Over 60 million dollars have been raised for the citizens of Haiti while you laughed. Over 100 citizens have been dug out from the rubble while you spent what could've been relief money on your 5.00 coffee this morning. Your negativity has not diminished the positivity and for that I thank God.


His child and your sister... Khaki


Young Educated Black Male said...

Racist motherfuckas won't never cease to exist on this planet, whether you are in the north or south. I can remember when I was in California a few years ago, I was seeing a good numbers draped in Confederate flags. I never let my guard down around wound up conservatives. I'm from the South, from Arkansas, went to college in Alabama, and have interned some of everywhere. I learned when you step outside of these condensed urban areas where minorities are great in numbers you are in for a rude awakening. They're out there close and around you in the city, but hold their tongue on their views at times. I've worked in towns where I'm the only speck visible for 60 miles, and the conservative, wound up, super baptist preacher son.

Just keep your head on a swivel babygirl, and keep a look out for the snakes out

eaglebird said...

GOD BLESSED THE DEAD!'Cause we living in hell.

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