Monday, January 25, 2010

I want one of these next year!

The new and highly anticipated line of life sized Barbies are now here! Collect all of them and then you can be a 5 Star Bitch too!

Precious Minaj Barbie
With hot pink soft waves, thick sports bra strap, matching purple tank and jew'ry, this Barbie is what every plus-sized woman aspires to be... PROUD. The "Bitch, please", look on her face exudes confidence and that's just what Barbie's stand for.

Accessories included: plastic bead necklace, beaded bracelet, matching pearl earrings and multi-colored leggings (not pictured). Buy this now and score Monique's new movie "Mama, I don't wanna shave my legs!"

Let's Go Night-Night Minaj Barbie: Poke her belly and she'll scream "Ask Lil Wayne who the 5 star bitch is!!!!". Every man's dream, this Barbie comes with all you see here included the split tank and camel toe leggings.

Optional accessories: Vagisil, Monistat cream, Summer's Eve Douche and dental dam

No Thanx Spanx Barbie: This pleasantly plump and pretty in the face Barbie is sure to be on every one's Christmas list.

*Extra curves included.

Thug Life Barbie: For the rough-neck in you, enjoy the Thug Life Barbie. With a pack of Newport's, boxed beer and beauty supply store jewelry, this charming beauty can be all yours but be sure to not tick her off as she has a built in shank.

Optional accessories: Bamboo earrings, razor blade and Vaseline. For a low fee, we will throw in Barbie's Dream Crack House- complete with weed butts, malt liquor, crack pipes and 3 crack heads.

Club Hopping Barbie with Rick Ross Ken Doll: This ghetto-fabulous duo is the perfect addition to any collection. Rick Ross Ken Doll's chest magically produces sweat when you poke his stomach. Both dolls come with Gucchay shades and glue for the detachable lace front beard and wig.
Accessories included: Durex condoms, Hennessy pint and bonding glue.

LIMITED EDITION What's the tea? Minaj Barbie with Scratch N Sniff fingers: This lovely doll comes with the signature bright pink and 1B wig and if you pull it's finger, it'll say "come off the top as bestest, bitches". Scratch N Sniff his fingers for a special surprise and added bonus.
Lip gloss and removable mustache also included.

Warning: We can not be held responsible for what happens after you smell it's fingers

Yall know I don't have no sense.


aoki said...

lol. omg.. everybody does wanna be a "barbie"..

RoByn LaTice said...

lmao..omg..this is absoluetly hilarious! "We can nt be held responsible if you smell its fingers" lmao...I'll pass on this whole collection!

☆Reese said...

Lmfao you'n even know how to act!

Ashley Patrice said...

lmfao lmfao i love it i love it

SinfulLyo said...

it's official I HATE YOU lmao.

p.s. send me the limited edition nicki.

p.s.s. i got some MUCH NEEDED concealer girl lol. my skin was looking gooood today :]

pennanddpaper said...

lol hell nah !
i was cracking up !

them brawds look ridiculous.

madd love.

Miss.$ugarDaddy said...


eaglebird said...

LTMS Like shit,YOU too funny out here!!! you need a sitcom or a stand up or something lol,But nah tho' its dudes out here that like their woman with a lotta meat on the bones,the hood barbie probably could get it but with out the optional accessories and the built in shank lol other than that she good to go lol;).

p.s Aye youngin you got my stomach hurting over here(fuck a work out).

Krissy said...

I SO hate you right now for this post! lmao!

zodiac said...

where in the hell are people finding these outfits from?! i swear they really have to be board. it's embarrassing and they should be ashamed of themselves!! lol

BFrank84 said...

*opens coffin and jumps in*


Freckles said...

you are a true trip. lol.

Niecy said...

LMAO!!!! This had me rollin! Thank you for this work was startin to make me mad! Love your blog!

Rock said...

I swear Khaki you stay goin' in !!!! You oficially made my day. I'm just waiting on the B-more Limited edition "Wire" Nikki Minaj complete with the Snoop braids, or the Jersey Shore Nikki complete with the Snooki Up-do. I may re-post a link to this and the pics when we do our Sticky Nikki Post.

-The Bros

Enigma Jones said...

Funniest shit ever. I died at No Thanx Spanx!

Don said...

Crazy funny!!!

I knew eventually someone would come along and put this Barbie phase into perspective.

The "Bitch, please", look on her face exudes confidence and that's just what Barbie's stand for. OK, that's what it is.....I understand now.

aRRe said...

Hilarious!!! ...& DISGUSTING. LMAO

AusteRity9 said...

haha this has to be the funniest shit I have ever seen!

you should check out my blog and follow

..kraziibipolarchick.. said...

lmfao- dead.

HaS the Turtle said...

LMFAO!...nuff said...

E's said...

Hysterical. I think I dated that first Barbie. I like big Precious-sized women:)

Anonymous said...

you a fool for this!!!!!!!

» Gia said...

[ my day has been MADE ]
scratch and sniff barbie got me

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