Tuesday, July 13, 2010

See, dis some ole bullshit

Quick post- if youve tried to click on my blog, it may have come up private. Simple explanation... im pretty sure that an old "flame" found my blog. Older subscribers probably remember 40 bucks... eh, not really important. Anyway, I went ahead and deleted all the posts about limp dicks, ugly girlfriends and what not from my blog. Not because I give a fuck about making him mad, beause I dont, but because, well, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

Anyway- if youre here reading :waves hi: chill for a little bit and comment if you like. LOL

:kicking myself for putting my address out there:


malika the sexy cynic said...

i almost totally changed my blog address because my ex's baby's mom checks mine and has even commented on a regular, so trust i know how you feel. but at the end of the day just know how dope you really are when folks actually start looking you up.

JStar said...

LOL....GIRL you are a mess...U made me wanna go back and read those older posts LMAO...But yea, thats crazy tho...I sent my blog addy to my friends and even some exs back in the day...But no one reads or comments and the stuff I have posted they would have said something to me about...Esp my ex, he went through my email once...I wanted to tell him if he really wanted to know he coulda checked my blog...But I guess he wasnt that interested in my poetry so its his dumbness LOL...

OMG@Malika....Thats some stalker shi right there...Why is she that pressed to know what you are up to if you aint even messin with dude anymore...I tell ya chics and their insecurities...

Kingsmomma said...

LMAO yes the email address... I was wondering about that.

@malika yours is a whole notha story.

khaki la'docker said...

@Malika- thats on some whole other bullshit LOL

@jstar- you didnt miss shit. I started to repost it because I hate to feel like someone is running me off my shit but It was too late. :(

@Kingsmomma- I had to be quick LOL

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