Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ETA: Award Recd- For real, though? Same trick twice?

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I'm having one of those days. :kicks up feet and lights imaginary black and mild [bet yall didnt know I used to smoke those things- Khaki hoodrat shit]:

It's crazy because i haven't been personal on this blog in a long time. Mostly because I've become extremely busy these last few months but another reason is that my life is so damn boring now. With a full time job, part time hustle, kid and stress, I havent had time to do much of anything. Last summer/fall, i was trolloping, staking out niggas' cribs and doing hoodrat shit with the bunnies. Those were the good ole days :puffs imaginary blunt: Since November, I've been chill- focusing on my work, my health, education and getting money. I haven't had time to get to know anyone or hang out with anyone besides the folks that visit the blog and the real life friends :waves to Kia, Dani, hubby Rock, the Reeseter and Kwei: thus no interesting personal blogs.

The rest of this blog was moved to the ALL THE SHIT I WANT PRIVATE blog.


Frankie said...

****DEAD**** @ Beebop Voice!!
LMFAOOOO @ Arsenio Hall in Coming to America! I can't deal with Reese and her fuckery hahahahahha

I hate stalkin ass men! That's some ol' girl bullshit

Kingsmomma said...

^ that had me cracking up

Ashley Patrice said...

i love this damn blog. best thing i've found on the internet. and fuck that agent guy...he's so fucking whack for taking the internet THAT serious, he probably was looking for a fucking excuse.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

That "Ah Ha" is too funny. That's real lame of him though to be sneak reading and gettin' pissed at the same time. He needs to get out of his damn feelings for real.

malika the sexy cynic said...

you ain't right in the head. and THAT is why i like you. :)
i'm coming to understand that men don't see how important it is to us that they just be straight up. i've been dealing with my son's father for 4 years and i'm finally saying eff it, you're gonna keep doing you, so i'm gonna start doing me.
what is so damned hard about being straight with a woman? they want to be ho's running the street, but the second a woman lets them know that they won't be missed, they want to come back on all fours.

*and you put someone on ykydaw? girl, if you come to atlanta, i'm gonna buy you a drink!!*

☆Reese said...

First of all, Frankie you fucking love me. Stop denying our love! Secondly, Agent is a punkass. SMH, grown ass man that still can't keep it real. That's what's up homie, do what bitches do, and lurk on a blog, then try and use what you read as ammunition? You brought a slingshot to a gun fight, bitch congrats!!

Glad you're rid of his ass, now on to plans of Cheesecake Factory and shit talking. Who we riding on?

Anonymous said...

I'm so mad at ol dude. I hate people who lurk with intent to use some shit against you in the future. Ol weenie head ass negro.

Anywho, I feel so *sniff* honored. I went on ahead and did the task and posted up those 7 thangs.

Thanks Ms.Khaki :)

Alovelydai said...

I love this post & I love your blog. I get all excited when a new one pops's like getting a fresh Vibe Mag in the mail back in the day...way back in the day!!!

Eyes on the Prize said...

Oops I'm checking in late khaki. I just left the gym. (wink) Anyway I'm on the bus cracking up on the shout out though! U Are Hilarious! Thanks gurl!

And as for dude, aw fluck his sneaky azz. There is only room for one sneaky mutha in khaki town, and it ain't him. Now I gotta go back and read the deal on dude. I tell u dude got nerve after u gave him a second chance. Love the applause card though! Do I hear rhianna sanging right now? "u look so dumb right now"....

I hope u feel relieved if nothing else!


RavynRae said...

An award awaits you on my blog..I ♥ your stories...keep'em comin!!

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