Wednesday, October 20, 2010

106 & MLK Presents Drink My Bread

Its ya girl Khaki La'Diaz - here with Waka Rocka Flamin.  Terrance, well, Terrance couldnt be here today; he's getting vajazzled.

Anyway, im here with half of the nappyheaded sensation, NappyHeadedBros, Rocka to premiere the new video from their highly anticipated album Tales from the Bros: FatBitches, Shrimp Ramen and Abortionversaries. Rocka, its nice to have you here... looking all fly in that... in that... what is that?

Its Goochie, ya know. All Goochie erethang, all day, ere day- from the roota to that toota... but uhm real good- real good to be here.
Right, right...So, Rocka, tell us what we can expect from the new album.
Music good... I mean, good music real good. I do good music so you know?
Great??? Any collabos?
Nah, I mean music good cuz thats what im sposed to do so ya know i not need nobody on this joint but the bros which was good ya kno?
Yeah, I guess so. So, you didnt work with anyone but the bros...
Well, der was me, Lefleur... and yeah music real good tho. My other boy on this one jawn i got... uhm "Wished it tasteded like Ramen". Shit be like "Nahman... you lied when you said it tasted like Ra-man... ate da pussy like a wish sammich like braman... you straight tricked me bitch and im tired-man"
Word? Ok, ok... so tell me bout the first single "Drink My Bread". Its getting a lot of buzz in the streets.
I mean drinking bread cool. Nah, i mean, its good. Yea, drink my bread. I tell bitches to drink my bread because i drink... and well, ya know. Nah, i need a do over
We're live Rocka but its OK- lets go ahead and premiere your newest single "Drink My Bread".
Yeah, uh, dis our new song... and Im going hard in the mufuggin paint yaherdme? Drink My Bread... 106 &  MLK... oh Lets Do it.

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Rock said...

La'Diaz. Now she's Puertorican. Hearts. No homo.

NC17 said...

#dead this shit is tooooo funny

Dee O. said...

lmaooooooo this was too funny oh my goodness, you have me over here ROLLIN!!!!


JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...


K. Rock said...

Soooooo...somebody actually made this song? Ummkay.

☆Reese said...


sidebar. Why is my captcha word: 'asylum'? uh huh..coming to this blog of your'n.

The Notorious ZAG said...

I love this whole freakin' blog. Bawdamore reppazint!

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