Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Someone had the niggacity to tell me...

that I cuss too much! GET THIS... on my blog!

BITCH Excuse me! You come to my shit to tell me about myself .Who the fuck do you think you're fucking talking to? Who died, went to hell and gave you the fucking crown to the land of Cuss-blockers? Shit... I'm confused... what's too much? Is there a daily limit on the amount of vulgarity that I can use? When I reach the maximum will a midget pop out of my ass and say "Khaki, you are at the daily maximum allowable for cussing today"? I don't think so! So, again, if there is a limit or some sort of fucking edict or law against cussing that I don't know about please do the right thing and point me in the direction of said bylaw so that i can shit on it. Fuck you and the golden horse you rode on. Kiss my entire ass, eat a dick and please, pretty fucking please, take a pencil to your aorta and die slowly. Thank you and have a great fucking night!

Ok- so i cuss. I'm vulgar... I say pussy... dick... shit... fuck -quite frequently, I admit-... damn... bitch... all that shit and I go to church and believe in God.

Before you throw up your crosses and try to sever my head with them listen to my point. There are no verses in the bible that forbids using the above words and no where does it imply that it is a sin. its not a sin... they're just words that make you uncomfortable. Just like the words recession, bills, charge off, debt, IRS, taxes HIV make me uncomfortable. By the way... from now on... garnish is now a cuss word.

Some believe that over usage of curse words implicate a person with poor verbal skills or lack of knowledge. Cant say that applies to me... I could be wrong but my student loans and transcripts say different so... yeah.

In the past, words such as hell, dog-gone and gosh-darn- were considered "filthy" words... look it up. So, it seems to me ( and, again, i could be wrong but I usually am not) that cuss words are just that... words. Words that some pickle dick decided to make up and tell everyone else that they couldn't say them. Right... some asshole back in the 1700's was sitting next to his fire about to eat porridge when he realized that he had to take a dump... he couldn't find the word to use to describe what he was getting up to do so he made up one... SHIT... and then told everyone else that that they couldn't use it because it was a "bad" word. Sounds like the original cuss blocker.

I know that I could use "sexual intercourse" instead of fuck! I know i could say "put your penis in me" instead of using the dirty word dick but i don't want to. I want to say what I want to say. I'm not this illiterate person that cant carry on a conversation without using obscene language. I admit- I hate talking to someone that I cant even understand the point they are trying to make because of their over usage of fuck or shit. I get that.

Will I let my kid use cuss words? Nope. Contradictory? Yup but I'm his damn mama and i make the rules up in this bitch and I said No. My kid will not be walking around here making me look like a bad parent. No sir!
So- i will continue to say what i want and i don't care who likes it or who doesn't. I will not disrespect you or your mama. I wont walk into a church full of Christians who don't believe in cuss words and say "khaki up in this biiiittcccch!". I wont start a conversation with my boss with "Muthafucka, give me a raise".

I'm respectful but I'm also grown and please believe that in any other situation- A FUCK I WILL NOT GIVE!


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