Friday, June 26, 2009

Can I be real with yall?

I hope so.

I get in my car and the radio announces that Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital for cardiac arrest. Inside- I knew that he wouldn't make it. Was I hoping that he would? Of course but you see, my father passed from the same thing at the same exact age... a broken heart. I started comparing my dad to this man and thinking about how 2 great people died at the age of 50 from the same condition. My dad was no Michael Jackson but he was my dad so that makes him just as special as people think MJ was. My dad was a die hard fan and would always get upset when people talked about him because he felt like he related to the King. My dad was probably the first in line to meet him at the gate when he passed.

Then, I wondered if the comedians that make him apart of their routine felt bad... shit, i was feeling bad that I laughed at all those times... but then I remembered why they made fun of him. Dude was fucking coo coo for coco puffs.

Let me start by saying that I will not argue with no one when it comes to this man's talent, ambition, creativity, drive, skills, and ability to motivate others BUT let's not forget the MJ that we've seen in the last few years. ya know... Wacko Jacko???

You show me a man that didn't love MJ's music and I'll show you a deaf man. You show me a man that didn't laugh when folks said he dressed like Captain Crunch and painted his face with a peach crayon and I'll show you a liar. Even if you thought the jokes were mean there is no doubt in my mind that people wouldn't agree with some of the things said about him.

Throughout his child molestation trial- the 2nd one; not the first one we "forgave" him for- muthafuckas accused this man of doing all types of shit to them little boys. Shit, my family talked about this trial like it was the new OJ and all of us thought he did it. We all knew he was going down for this one... couldn't get away with this shit again.

I just feel that when people die - especially celebrities- we try to forget the negative and put on this act like they were the best humans walking the Earth. Don't believe me??? Think back to right before Aaliyah died. Folks were walking around talking about she cant sing and how bad she sucked in Romeo Must Die and how she was only a good dancer. Then, unfortunately, she passed away and suddenly she became Halle Berry and Aretha Franklin. Everyone forgot about her lying to the public about marrying that damn R. Kelly. And speaking of him... if he died, would we all of the sudden forget about him pissing on that lil girl? I don't think so but then again, with this fickle country, we probably would all stand outside and sing "I believe I can fly".

Now, I'm not saying that we should not mourn the King of Pop but damn, lets not act like we weren't just laughing at his crazy ass walking around in hospital mask and dangling his baby over a balcony. Let's not put on this big fucking charade like that Katt Williams joke on the Pimp Chronicles DVD wasn't the funniest shit you'd heard in a while.

I love me some MJ music... PYT? That's my shit but I cant say that MJ was my favorite person in the world. I respect him for what he bought to music. I know he was a pioneer- shit, i saw the Smooth Criminal video and the way he defeated gravity. My brother damn near made me dent my forehead up from trying to lean like that. I know that he inspired musicians around the world but damn if I didn't give him the side eye for the monkey, hanging out with little boys, living at a damn amusement park and them covered up paper plate white kids.

I'm not going to do the whole picture thing that every one else is doing because it kinda freaks me out to see how he morphed over the years. Kinda weird way to pay homage but these are a few of my favorite clips from comedians joking Mr. Jackson... you don't have to watch it if you don't agree but I know y'all seen them before.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson... you will be missed...
My prayers go out to the Jackson family....


sunshinestar110 said...

Khaki, I agree with everything u are say!! I just had this same decision with my friend about Mike! I think he was very talented and had the right to wear the king of pop crown but i can forget about all the crazy things that went on with him. Knowing this crazy world if R.Kelly ever passed away this crazy world would forget about what he did to that girl on the tape and focus on all the good he did that's just how this insane world works.

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

this was REAL

I never really found the wacko jacko stuff funny to be honest. i will admit I was known to laugh at LaToya heavily and even in shock of how Jermaine managed to pull Janet Jackson..but I just couldn't dig the MJ jokes because MJ was the connection I had to my father, so he always had a special place. .

i am still pissed at R. Kelly. I get so damn mad when this nigga adds "I'm the pied piper" at the end of his songs, when the pied piper's legend speaks to him luring children away with his music. fortunately for R. kelly people began to overlook him pissing on a girl...I won't overlook it...unfortunately MJ didn't have it so lucky

I think people need to do a better job of keeping it real.If you were a known hater of that individual please don't morph into their biggest fan when they die. Pray for their family, show respect, and reflect.

This post is saying a lot. People just need to live their live and be genuine about theirs

khaki said...

thanks you two... i didnt want to come off as an asshole with no sympathy but I was just so tired of the hoopla.
I dont want anyone to think that I dont respect his musical genius or im telling people that they cant mourn. im just saying that people's opinions and ridicule of the man is not what im seeing now. tis is all... thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

GREAT post I totally agree w everything you said. I was on twitter when it was announce that MJ passed & ppl were going crazy like this was their uncle or somebody. I get the fact that MJ impacted a lot of ppl lives but DAMN like you said dont walk around praising this man, like yall werent the same motherfuckers talkn about his ass "playing" w those lil boys. Like they werent the same ones talking about him when he hung the baby over the balcony, or even when he brought the kids out in public they worse silly ask masks. Is that not weird or what? True enough MJ passing was definitely a great loss to the music world but ppl also need to stop being fake.

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