Thursday, June 25, 2009

So im tagged...

and the award goes to... Khaki laDocker for her role in "tellin it like it muthafuckin is".

Howdy yall! Thank you for the lovely award...I dont know where to begin... of course I'd like to thank you, Epitome for the nomination... of course, i wanna thank God cuz wifout him i wouldnt be able to blog... den my mama and mah daddy... and the lovely IT people at my job that havent blocked blogger.... and off course all of you out there who read this dumb shit mah mind conjures up.
**cues wrap it up music**

So... er uhm i got tagged by Epitome to tell 10 truths about myself... I feel like y'all know everything but... I'll try to make it work.

  1. I've never had a broken bone.

  2. About 6 or 7 years ago, I had a reoccurring dream that I married Nokio from Dru Hill. Don't judge me.

  3. I wanna do some role play shit but I'd probably laugh and ruin it. The thought of me wearing a french maid costume in the bedroom and saying "Do zhoue hav anyzing that I can dust" makes me crack the fuck up.

  4. I believe the worst way to die would be getting hit by a car in the rain. So embarrassing to just be laying in the street with rain pouring on you.

  5. I eat french fries with bbq sauce

  6. I'm sexually fuckstrated right now.... like really in need of peen.

  7. If i hit some one's car and they weren't there, i probably wouldn't leave a note. Don't judge me.

  8. I snore like a 400 lb man, a polar bear with plastic over my head or a elephant -- depending on what day it is and who you ask.

  9. I cant wait to get my boobs reduced. A nice full C would make me happy instead of these DDamn tits

  10. last but not least... i love all of you in the blog world... even the weird ones.

Now ... imma tag...





and... Jay1

Sorry, she made me do it.


Epitome said...

I'm evil...yes, yes, I know

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