Friday, June 19, 2009

Have A Great Weekend Folks!

Imma chill this weekend... do the family thing on Sunday... then off to NYC on Monday for the Beyonce concert (I won the tickets... what can I say?).

I probably wont post until Tuesday unless something spectacular happens this weekend but I will be checking on yall.

Look out for my post on head next week and thanks to all that participated in my lil questionnaire.

dats all folks!

ms. bee-- dont know if you saw my comment but I dont have a twitter. You can hit me up on AIM though.... khakibeauty


Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am I did see the comment, thanks for responding. HAVE A GREAT weekend. Enjoy Beyonce, although she is SO overated these days.

Miss Wilson said...

Beyonce concert? Oh I'm jealous I feel like she would be amazing live, enjoy the concert and the weekend

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