Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding Crasher

Is it true that a man can not be friends with an attractive female? Nope!

My friend's, Bet, soon to be wife seems to think so which is why she ripped up my invitation to the wedding. Bet and I have known each other for years now... I want to say about 6 or 7 years but we recently just became good friends within the last 2 or 3 years. So- Bet is marrying this chick on Saturday and I ask him where's my invitation and he gives me this look like he doesn't want to tell me something.

He explains to me that his 312 lb gargoyle of a fiancee ripped my invite up and told him that I wasn't invited. She goes on to say that she doesn't "approve" of our friendship because she believes that "men cant be friends with an attractive female. Female friends are just women that you haven't fucked yet".

Now- this rationale is coming from a woman who isn't a man or an attractive female so her theory couldn't be based off of truth nor experience. Can one be so damn insecure that they wouldn't allow their soon-to-be-husband to continue to be friends with someone that they've known for years? Bet is the same man that I told y'all i wouldn't fuck with someone else's snatch yet she seems to think that given the opportunity I would hop right on. Bitch, please.

I would not. I've had many a opportunity and was even offered the position of being his mistress - with financial benefits- which i respectfully declined. (Y'all know I'm no one's mistress- well... never mind.)


I have a real problem with insecure people - especially women. It's not me that you don't trust, it's him. You don't trust him because you know that you are lacking in something. In this case... the sex is wack and she's cheated on him before. She knows it's unjust to complain of lock jaw, give lazy head and bullshit pussy and not expect her man to cheat. I'm not invited to the wedding because your pussy aint popping like it should??? Now, he's no saint and I have text messages to prove this but it's not fair to assume that your man is that fine (because he aint) that any attractive woman would swoop right in and fuck him. Love has definitely made her blind and delusional.

She chooses to hate on my strictly platonic friendship with her fiancee instead of self-evaluating and taking the steps needed to fulfill her man's desires and be the best bitch that she can be. If she was smart she'd befriend me and keep me close. Instead she pisses me off which gives me the motivation to fuck her man. Now, I wont fuck him because that would require some type of attraction to make me wet and that's not there but I will crash her wedding... wearing a white dress... and humming "I'd Take Yo man". Her wedding is being held at some shack of a Baptist church not Fort Knox and no body will stop me from showing up to my boy's wedding.

So with that being said... all of you insecure women with this fucking chip on your shoulder and this "every girl want my man" mentality- now is the time to do an assessment of yourself. Question if you trust your man enough to let him have female friends- whether they're attractive or unfortunate looking. If you don't, then you need to either leave him or step ya shit up. Take a confidence pill and reflect on your relationship. Ripping up invitations, shitting on the female friend and forcing your man to disassociate himself from the friend wont solve your problem. It is possible for a man and woman to be friends and not fuck. The probability of friends fucking increases when that man has an insecure girlfriend that could only suck a dick if it spat chocolate and said girlfriend pisses off the mean ass female friend so much that she would fuck him out of revenge.
Eat that.


sunshinestar110 said...

I feel u on this one. I had the same situation and because of his wife I haven't heard or talked to my friend Dee for 3 yrs. Its funny how some funny feel like they just can't be friends with males without sex being involved!!

1/3 said...

I think its possible and your right most people that dont approve of male-female friendships are insecure. now i do have a problem with guys who remain friends with their exes...not cool in my book.

cool blog btw:-)

E's said...

Men can be friends with fine women, but I (me personally) make sure the bondaries are known early and upfront. I still won't bring them around my current lady, b/c I don't want drama. Women are so competitive. I don't even bring the ugly women friends around unless the most we've ever done is hugged.

It sucks cuz I got a lot of women friends.

Anonymous said...

GREAT post! OK I agree this bish sounds insecure as hell. But I will say I think every woman has something that they dont like about themselves. Everyone has insecurities. & everyone shows thier insecurities in different ways, I believe. & if she feels that she cant trust her man w other women, especially women that he's known for a while, then she needs to re-think marriage.

Frankie Nichelle said...

I've NEVER had a male friend who didn't try to or think about fucking me ("gay" guys included) so I can kinda understand the soon-to-be wife BUT at the same time, if you have insecurities about your soon-to-be-husband, why marry him? a guy can think about fucking another chick (they all do) but that doesn't mean he'll do it.


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