Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So i'm back and shit...

Didja miss me?!?!?!?

I missted yall... i checked on a few of my folks and it looks like the Lioness got her a new boo, Jskittle having revelations and shit, SimoneDior and her adventures of trollopfication, Gia living the life... me? I went to Aldi's and I fucking hate that store.

So, my ex decided that he wanted spaghetti for his Fathers Day present. Nothing spectacular just some spaghetti. Its been a long time since Ive cooked a meal so I sent out a text to my buddies inviting them over. I ended up getting 8 replies telling me that they were coming over for dinner. On my way to the supermarket, I'm calculating how much this shit is going to got me to make for over 10 people so, me being a bitch on a budget, busted a right into the Aldi's parking lot. Don't judge me.
Now- I'm all for saving money but no-frills shopping at Aldi's is not something that i will do again.
First of all, there was a homeless man (or at least i thought he was homeless) outside singing Blame It and doing something like the stanky leg or the robocop of something. So after scurrying past him with my head down, I walk to the front of the store to get a cart and it was chained to a bunch of other charts! What the fuck?!?!?!? I have to pay 25 cents to get a fucking cart! I'm justa digging through my bag to find a quarter because they wont take a combination of coins to make up 25 cents... just quarters- refundable upon your return of the cart. Question: Why even charge for a cart? If I wanted to take a cart to carry cans, children or whatever it is that people who need to steal carts use it for, would 25 cents really prevent me from taking it? Right.
I enter the store and there's coonery all around me... some lady telling her son to not speak to her because his breath smells like he has a "rodden toof" and another chick eating strawberries out of the container while she shops. At this point, I just wanted to get my sauce, noodles, cream cheese and meat and bounce. I get my ingredients and head to check out where the lady ringing up my shit acts like I'm moving to slow for her. She's slamming money down... keying shit into the register like she speedy gonzales and while I'm getting my money out she decides that she wants to run and get bags. Bags that you have to pay for.
This is why I don't fuck with Save-A-Lot and Aldi ... paying for bags, why for? Chick in front of me had over a hundred dollars of shit in her cart and but refused to buy bags. Instead, she put her shit in boxes she found around the store and when sheran out of them she said "fuck it" and carried her shit to her trunk.
I pay for my 18.00 of food and got in my car so damn quick vowing to never buy another Romano's spaghetti sauce or Mountain Twist soda again in my life --- but after I returned that cart and got my quarter!
moving on...


Strongblkwmn said...


We don't have Aldi's in NYC and from the way it sounds i'm glad.

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

First off....lmao @ this post

Second..I co-sign. Bump Aldi's!!!! We have one up near me and when i first went I was like "wtf" for? Tell me why I can go to FOOD LION and not pay for bags but here i must pay for everything?

If it weren't for its ridiculously good prices on knock off cereals, juice, and hot pockets...i wouldn't fuck with it.

I would have told ol' girl with the boxes to keep it moving or ask to go to another line. Thats a mess, but i respect her hustle boo yet. Just 'talkin'...whatever that shit means

K. Michel said...

Wow, it's cool how you shouted people out in the beginning of this post. It gave me an idea, so thank you.

I've never seen an Aldi's before but I'm willing to bet that it's a good thing. From the way you describe it, Miss Khaki's not a place for lounging.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO. this shit is too funny. I swear everything you said about Aldi's is so TRUE. I shop there BUT only for certain things. Might of fact I was just in there I think this past Sunday & the cashiers @ Aldi's are off the fucking chain. It like they went to school to be cashiers or some shit, the way they be punching them damn numbers in the keyboard. Suprisingly the damn cashiers make WAY MORE than minimum wage there, I saw an ad in the paper saying they start cashiers @ like $16. I was shocked, all they doing is sitting down, they actually get to sit down & throw food in carts. When I got to Aldi's I make sure that its the one in the white neighborhoods, so I dont have to deal w the wrongery that you did.

♥Porscha said...

damn so they got people paying for carts....

it really is a recession

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