Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Am...

mad folks kicked out 175.00 and up for these damn tickets.

I saw Ms. Sasha Fierce perform last week at Madison Square Garden and while it was a good show and Beyonce danced her ass off, I could've waited until the DVD came out and saved my money for some other shit.

I get to New York and after spending 30 dollars just on tolls an' shit frustration set in at the Lincoln Tunnel. I knew after waiting for 45 minutes at the tunnel that Beyonce would have to do a lot of lace front flipping and gyrating to make this trip worth it.

So- Shanae and I pull up to the garage and pay the man the 37.00 some odd dollars to park in the lot for i don't know... 3 hours. We walk the two blocks to the Garden and were approached by everybody and they momma asking we had extra tickets. Like, dude, if we had extra tickets we would be asking someone to buy them.

We enter the Garden and spot some of the most sick-built women I have ever seen in my life. I mean the most pear shaped, apple turnover shaped, Spongebob shaped, Lego shaped women were everywhere and that's when I realized I left my camera in the car. So... off we go in the rain to get my camera- which I later realized is a shitty piece of equipment with poor battery life but it was a Christmas gift so...

By the time we ran to the car and walked back it was almost time for the show to start so we head to our seats. Chile- the KIDS were out that night. GADAMN! We sat next to this dude who smelled sweeter than a bag of honeysuckles justa neck rolling and sucking his Mac'd covered lips. Now, normally I love me a good Kid but he was getting on my fucking nerves. Just trying to hard to be extra. I tried to get a pic of his glossy lips and curly Mohawk but I couldn't because there was too much movement.

It's 7:30 and the lights get dim... bitches and guys acting like bitches start to scream thinking its Beyonce/Sasha Fierce. Nope, it's... wait for it... wait for it... RICH GIRL... and the crowd gets super quiet. Now, who is Richgirl???? I'm not going to waste my time Googling them so if you're interested, please be my guest.

After their "performance" about 24's or something they sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and I sigh for them because I know they will never get that BET award that they were so hoping for. They exit the stage and I'm getting excited because I know the show is about to start.

It's 7:45.... nothing.... 7:50... nothing... 8:00.... still nothing... 8:15.... nope, still no Beyonce. Just Beyonce commercials and advertisements for MusicWorld entertainment... 8:25... OK I'm really get mad and I'm giving the bitch 5 minutes or else... 8:30... lights go out again. That's what i thought.

She comes out and the horns for Crazy in Love come on. I want to get hype but I'm still mad that I had to wait this long in this cold ass arena... she's dancing and popping the cooch all across the stage and I'm still not excited until Jay-Z hit the stage...I went nuts- screaming like a drag queen that just got his duck taped pulled off.

Pissed I was when he exited the stage. Almost forgot it was her show and not his.

Not sure what she performed next... thinking it was Diva and the Kids went fucking bananas. Every nigga in there was a damn Diva and when she said "What you said?", I swear the King Diva of Divaland sitting in front of me snapped his neck so hard I just knew he broke his trachea or something. From then on, it was a typical Beyonce concert. The same one you see on TV every year...same dance moves... same routines... renditions of other songs...

Now, don't get me wrong... girl is a great performer but there were a couple times when I thought about what I could've done with my time and money. Now, I'm not a big fan of her latest CD and those were the songs she performed so if you liked her songs Broken-hearted girl, Ava Maria and Smash Into You, your view on the whole concert would've probably been better than mine. If youre one of those people that think she can do no wrong and she's the most original (side-eye) entertainer in the world- yes, your view would be totally different than mine.

Moving on... so after she sang the "Beyonce" songs... Sasha Fierce came back and did a rocked out version of If I Were A Boy. I got excited again because she killed it and then mixed it with another song that every white person in the audience knew. If I had to guess, I would say it was an Alanis Morisette song or something but don't get me ta lying.

Now, if Bey's goal with this album was to totally crossover, she can check it off cuz damn if that wasn't the most diverse show I've ever been to. There were old white couples there singing Single Ladies, Indian gay dudes grinding to Upgrade you, white gay dudes just doing what white gay dudes do... dont know what to call it but I think they were dancing??? Anyway, it was just... the most eclectic group of folks I've ever seen in my life but it's NYC so... yeah, it's to be expected.

I'm drawing a blank on what happened next but I'm sure the show got better. I know she had some fine ass dancers and some folks dressed up, ironically, like Oscar awards. Chick said "I don't need an Oscar- I'll make muthafuckers dress up like em". Ha!

Favorite parts of the show...

  • Video Phone- she didn't sing not one damn word but I like the song and the dancers were nice and cut.

  • Single Ladies: HATE the damn song but looking at the gay guys in the audience dance was hil-fucking-larious. I swear white people can't find a beat for shit.
  • At Last- she wore a gorgeous white gown and showed clips of Obama/Michele, scenes from Cadillac records and the 60's. I also adore this song so it made the performance much better.
  • Say My Name- She asked some -very obvious gay teen- what her name was and his big ass almost fainted when he screamed BEYONCE. I was too through.
  • Crazy In Love- Loved seeing Jay.

So all in all--- it was a good show, the dancing was well choreographed, her vocals were excellent, the opening act--- eh, however, it was just like the other shows that she's had on the past. There was no wow factor for me and the show ran just like it had in the past. Surprise guest? Check. Flying in the sky? Check? Renditions? Check. Rendition of popular reggae song after Baby Boy? Check. Destiny's Child medley... double check- cuz that shit went on forever and i was buga-boo'd out.

Except for the newer songs performed this was the Beyonce Experience and the Live @ Wembley DVD remixed with more hair and more, as my grandma would say, "white folk music".

So, if you're a big fan and weren't affected by the recession and have the funds, by all means, go head kick out the money but if you're like me and can do without the long lines, 25.00 tour books, 30.00 tee shirts, 18.00 hamburgers, 40.00 parking, 175.00 tickets (i didn't pay though), I would kindly advise you to wait until the DVD- cuz you know it's coming- or the BET showing.

*** I'll probably add more pics but, like i said, my camera is shitty and it died near the end of the show. oh well***

** ETA--- added more pics***


Strongblkwmn said...

Great recap. I think B is an awesome entertainer but she really needs to take a break and come up with some new stuff. It's all starting to look and sound the same.

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