Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It has been brought to my attention, that there are women out here who don't give head and I'm shocked and appalled. Are these the same women that expect for a man to eat the box that has a monthly- or quarterly if you fucking with that Seasonale- flow of blood coming out of it?

Hmmm... interesting.

Well, today is a new day... July 1, 2009 has been declared Suck a Dick day. Mark it on your calendar, input in on your blackberry, shit, use a PTO day and take off but please celebrate this day by giving head.

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NightFall914 said...


I've seen countless "how to sucC DicC" posts but your appointment of today as SucC a DicC Day has won me over.

I'm Officially posting this on Blog.And since it's Hump Day.Its very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

shouts to Epitome. I was so supposed to email her for tips & suggestings about fellatio. ive said it before giving head is just not my think, every time i turn around theres a blog about giving head, i guess this is a sign that i need to get off my ass & start sucking some peen.

khaki said...

@ nightfall- i figure you'd co-sign on this. lol happy you approve and support.

@ Miss Bee- yes, it must be a sign. you better make it your thing LOL

JaG said...

As i stand and applaud i'm reminded that good head changes minds and you have my support on this one all the way..

Blackbutterfly said...

I tried it yesterday and he loved it normally he has to coax me into doing it...! I told him how I had been thinking about sucking his dick all day at work. Needless to say he came quite quick and all over my t**ts...LOL

Kim said...

excellent post. lmao.
Very educational indeed.

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