Monday, July 27, 2009

Excuses to get out of Anal

Babe, it'll make your skin glow and get rid of all adult acne...
I know but it will make your dick small.

Babe, it'll be pleasurable for both of us.
No, not really because I'll make sure to ruin it by making noises similar to that of a wild boar being chased by a lion

Honey, it'll hurt at first but then it'll feel better
You think so? Will it be better after i shit all over your fuck stick?

Babe, it'll make your hair grow longer.
And there will be a bald spot in your pubes from either (A) my ass clamping on them as you ass rape me and i attempt to run away or (B) de-tangling shit from your lovely pubic hair with a rat tail comb.

Sweetheart, don't you love me?
I love my ass and the ability to hold my shit when i want to more.

If none of those work... I'll hit him with the whammy!

Babe, let me do it this one time... and I'll do whatever you want.
Okay... I'll do it BUT I get to stick something the size of your dick in your funhole... only one time.

You think you're gonna do it but want to put it off????

I would love to but...

I ate Chipotle today

My doctor said i should wait until my iron levels go up

Baby, I'm backed up like I-95 at 5:30... let me take these Fiber pills and get back to you.

I have to wear all white tomorrow


Anonymous said...

too funny!! this made me cringe, squrim and laugh all at the same time!! .. all your post are great!! [hilarious!!.. and u prolly was dead serious!! lol] "it will make your skin glow" ...BOY BYE!! LOL & the "whammy" .. i bet he'll back up after that one!! lol!!!!

☆Reese✮ said...

Lmao, aw man I have tears in my eyes! The whammy is the best!

JaG said...

RIP jag after reading this post.!!!

khaki said...

@ Starz- yes, I was dead serious. we just talked about this and I hit him with the whammy and he was like "Nah, see im good". Thats what I thought.

BTW- I tried to comment on your blog but its bugging out on me. Finally saw the dolphins after squinting really hard.

@ Reese-- happy i could entertain, hun.

sunshinestar110 said...

LMAO!! Girl u are crazy but they are great excuses!!!

JSADTheKing said...

LOL Funny as hell..........

Bre.zDreamer said...

ew this was so gross lmao!!

You're a killer tho foreal tight blog XDDD!

that mess was hilarious

mzkiz said...

This was entertainment at its best. I love a good post that will make me let out a real laugh instead of an internet "LOL." The Whammy was GREAT.

khaki said...

@mzkiz- thank ya, thank ya. Just read your post on the facebook pic. Hi-fucking-larious. Couldnt post a comment cuz it wouldnt let me... or follow cuz it wouldnt let me. lol

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