Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fake Out- Part 2- From A Man's View...

Laying next to her... I still smell the faint aroma of her favorite body wash... lilies and honey. Her body is so soft and and the scent coming from her is making me want her so much. Laying on her side, her ass is inviting me... I pull up next to her and breathe her in. I kiss her neck and a she smiles a little. I lick her ear... and she moans a little. I take my fingers and run them through her hair.... and I realize


Tracks! Weave! Horse Hair!!!! What the fuck??? She told me that was all her.

On a few occasions, Ms. Khaki has dabbled in the weave game to take my naturally past the shoulder length hair to past the bra strap length but NEVER have i told a man that it was all mine. That just asks for trouble because he's gonna wanna touch.

Now, I have this pet peeve and it has been the deal breaker in a lot of my past relationships... NEVER TOUCH MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! It started when I was a little girl and my cousin used to do my hair for me before school. This bitch- out of which one could assume was jealousy- would put shit like Elmer's school glue in my hair... and over the course of a month or two my long locks started to fall out and i was walking around looking like an Alopecia victim. Had little boys calling me Patches an' shit. So, since then I haven't let anyone touch my hair.Well, minus my mother and 2 hairdressers that I've had. Other than them, don't touch my shit. There have been a few that have tried... and I give the "what-the-fuck-you-doing?" face.

But back to my point... Ladies, stop lying on your tresses! He know that aint all you. The color don't match, your shit nappy at the root and the ends is bone straight. You got glue sitting on your scalp and thread mixed in the hair. Lace front peeling at the baby hair. Just stop it. Even if you find a good weaveologist to make your shit believable- or beweaveable if you will- you will get found out. Everybody in your family walking 'round with hair looking like the "before" Dr. Miracle commercial and you trying to perpertrate with these 22 inch long blond yaki's. Stop!

If you rocking tracks, tell him. Just say "if you pull out one of my tracks, im going to fuck you up". Point blank. After that, he'll know not to touch your shit. If you try to hit him with the Fake Out, out of curiosity, he's going to want to pull, tug, and run his fingers through your mane. How you gon explain a handfull of Milky Way?

Please dont end up the funny story in the barber shop... you know men talk just as much as we do.

Open this shit up for discussion.

Ladies, are you a weave wearer? If so, do you lie? Do you allow him to touch your head?

Men, how do you feel about this? Ever had this happen to you.


Anonymous said...

i use to wear weave religiously. i love weave & have nothing against it. i'll tell a nigga in a minute no this is not all mine so please do not touch. i dont know why women feel the need to lie about their hair, bc eventually the truth will come out. i had to give that damn weave a rest though, that shit will fuck your hair up if not used properly smh.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I believe in weave or "personality pieces" and I wear it as well. I don't lie about it because there's no need to. I like to keep my hair up and I'm constantly changing my look so you'd have to be a fool not to know. I don't understand why some females feel the need to front about it though. A weave is a weave. He can touch but he can't be aggressive with it.

Briiii_theMoonWillow said...

My favorite line...

"How you gon explain a handfull of Milky Way?"


annnd me im more of a braid wearer... I tried weave once and that tihs took out the edges of my hair. ne-ver AGAIN!

Past year i been wearing my hair out naturally though. I'm back to braids now.

☆Reese✮ said...

Damn, guess I can't ever wear weave, I need mine pulled and yanked and all that jazz.
I have a friend that rocks the half weave thing, all her curlies in the front, silky smoove in the back...why?
Monday shoulder length curly hair, Tuesday Yaki straight butt length hair...tryna act like it's naturally hers!

sunshinestar110 said...

I love the weave and from time to time i do get one just so i can swing my hair i always let a dude know in advance that if you pull a track out that is your ass!! I paid for it fool so its mine until further notice.

Romeia said...
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Epitome said...

Everybody knows I'm a weave connoisseur. I've been wearing a weave since 8th grade (11 years ago) and have no plans on fully giving it up and I have not NEVER told anybody it was my hair

(expect for that summer of 2002 when I had a fierce glue in of that 18 inch hair that looked like it grew out of my scalp and strangers were telling me to never cut my beautiful hair...but that was only to strangers that I lied lmao)

But yeah, anybody I'm dealing with in that form or fashion knows the deal

Krissy said...

I've never been a weave wearer but I do know chicks who perp and lie like it's theirs. It's so stupid. But whats even funnier is that dude really don't know the difference half the time. They're kinda slow when it comes to weaves lol

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