Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deleted Comments stay in My Inbox....

Shoutout to Eaglebird for coming through, leaving a good comment and then erasing it. Shoutout to GMail for saving the comment in my inbox so that I can, copy, paste and answer to his comment on my blog. YAYYYY - everybody wins. LOL

Eaglebirds comment:
Good post its very informative about your standards on dating..But I got a couple ?'s for you,you aint got to answer them tho'.

What if they dont have there shit together completly but working hard towardsbettering themselves,and there drive to succeed still show through reguardless of any hardships or struggles they may endure do you still blow them off if they showing true effort?
And when you do find your well put together robot I mean mate how you going to expect them to fully trust that if times were to get rough for them they can count on you for support(not to take care of them but be selflessly in there corner)if the relationship was based on just the status quo and representation of your future helpmate?

Where have real geniune love between two people beyond relitives and lifelong friends go,and why do we always have to be in relationships is that the sole meaning of life,is it everyones destiny to find there soulmate,why cant males and females ever be just freinds without one or both wanting to hump on eachother,why do lightskin girls almost always perfer darkskin guys,can we as humans ever be at a happy medium as whole,does a significant other define the meaning of the others self being and identity,if a grown ass man ask a lot of dumb ?'s does that really annoy alot of women?

LOL j/k. I like these questions because they're honest and well thought out.
this is the thing- I think you may have gotten the wrong idea by my post or perhaps I gave off the wrong idea. I'm not this high-maintenance woman that only goes looking for Mr. Businessman. However, I am also not some woman that goes looking on the corners for dopeboys. With that being said, if introduced to a guy that I saw had potential and goals, I wouldn't be completely adverse to dating him but I would be very careful with that person.

I've dealt with these men that claim that they had aspirations to be better when in fact they were users and opportunists. I love a man with goals, aspirations and a strong desire to succeed; I'm just careful, now, to not get myself involved with men looking for someone to upgrade them.

Also, I am not looking for a robot or the perfect man and i hope no woman is looking for Mr. Perfect. If I happen to find a guy that's right for me, I would be supportive of that man regardless of his future circumstances. Again, I'm no tack head looking for someone with Donald Trump money so it's not about the materialistic things that can be given to me.

I guess the point of my blog was to address that men and women need to evaluate themselves and examine who they allow or want in their lives. In order to do that, we must determine what we want in a spouse and consider what we have to offer to that person.

In regards to your other questions- I think i will do posts to them. Thanks for the future topics. LOL


eaglebird said...

OK..I feel what you saying you need someone to be on your level kind of like that equally yoked type thing,I kinda sort of figured you aint the gold digging type tho'just from reading your blog posts alone,not that there is anything wrong with being a golddigger either.

Damn I feel more ?'s coming on if you dont mind lol...
What's the big deal about women being a golddiggers,why they always getting down talked by the "independent woman",'Cause most dudes with that real money dont seem to be the ones doing most of the complaining,and why is it most dudes with little to no money always complaining about a golddigger I'm saying whats the point worrying about somebody that aint checking for your type anyway?

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