Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cruel and Unusual Punishment...

The DC sniper was executed via lethal injection last night and I don't know how I feel about it. Although I wasn't a direct victim or family member of a victim, I indirectly experienced Mohammad's terror by fearing white cargo vans and wanting to stay in the house during my senior year of high school so I understand why people wanted to see him dead. However, I always thought that the death penalty was quite cruel and unusual punishment. I've had friends killed but never have I wished death upon the person that murdered them. I'd rather they sit in a prison and be rehabilitated to become better people.

I never understood how the government or 12 people in a jury could control and dictate who should live and who should die or what crimes were deemed punishable by death. As a country that believes in "one nation under God", how can the government choose who lives and who dies? I thought that was up to the Almighty One. There are people that rape children and eternally kill their mental being but do not get the punishment of a murderer.

Belovedone made a very valid point when she questioned when Scott Peterson's needle would be ready. I cant help but to think that race and financial status of the victims play a part in who gets the death penalty. If a poor black man kills another poor black man will he get the death penalty? Probably not. I've seen killers get off for "technicalities". Now let a poor black man kill a rich white woman- I can say that, more than likely, he will receive the death penalty depending on what racist ass state he's tried in.

My point in this matter is that I don't believe in the death penalty but I understand why a victim/family member wouldn't be opposed to it.


eaglebird said...

chuuuch!!!I personally cant comment too much on this do to beliefs but you made some valid points.Murder for Murder dont bring the victims back this world is full of contradiction.

*stacie-ann said...

true indeed. what does killing him do for the family of the victims? does it bring their loved one back? ehh America is so contradictory.

Mista Jaycee said...

The US Armed services released Muhammed when he had basically been broken because of his services. The Armed services did not follow up when they released this trained killer in the regular population. This is according to his wife.
We have to do better with the way we treat vets after service. How many more Muhammeds are out there?
Please stop by

* ! zodiac ! * said...

i lived in MD at the time of his sniping, but i feel the same way you do. i think GOD should be the only one saying who dies and who doesnt..personally i think the death penalty is the easy way out

» Gia said...

it doesn't make sense to punish people who killed people, by killing THEM . life in prison if you want to make them suffer, but there really is no need to murder

NiC-KIA said...

your heart is good mamma!

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Truly Yours
-Darling Nikky

SinfulLyo said...

the death penalty is pointless in my opinion. it does not deter crime so i don't see what purpose it serves.

race plays a major role in receiving the death penalty. if the victim is white the likelihood of the perp getting the needle goes up big time :/

lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment in my many of them go wrong it's crazy. i couldn't imagine being strapped down to that table knowing i'm about to die and them not being able to find a vein. or my vein collapsing. that mental anguish must be unbearable.

last but not least: pain! with as much knowledge as we have about medicine you'd think we'd use different [painless] drugs for lethal injection but we don't, they want these people to suffer til the very end...

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