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NEED YOUR ADVICE you always keep it realso my boyfriend ...we have had this on and off relationship for THREE years...but since summer we ve been going stronghe recently reveiled to me that he wants to get into The 'PIMPING' Buisness..girl..I DIEDokay. like seriously. i m a modern and liberal young woman but i was raised with strong-ass christian values and i dont know how to accept his decision or if i should or how i can even talk to him..I'm so angry and mad. please help me

Dear MsOfficialNne
Thanks for cruising through my blog and I totally appreciate it! When I first read your comment, I thought you were a friend playing on my blog because I failed to believe this was a real question for two reasons...

(a) Your BOYFRIEND has told you that he wants to be a PIMP (not a drug dealer which would be more understandable and realistic; recession, ya dig?) and you didn't run faster than Caster Semenya


(b) You used strong a$$ and Christian in the same sentence. LOL

Then i did some research and saw that you were a real person and had a real question so I'm always down to give advice.
I'm not too informed on the world of Pimpdom and I've only actually seen a few examples of pimps including Katt Williams and Don Magic but I'm pretty sure that I have never seen a pimp with a girlfriend that wasn't a hoe. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that girlfriends start off as hoes and then "graduate" to top hoe. If my assumption is reality- how do you fit in to your boyfriend's "quest for hoe-sess"? As a partner??

With that said, I see that you have two options-

(1) Accept the fact that your boyfriend is aspiring to be a pimp and if his "business" actually succeeds he'll be doing pimp shit like smacking bitches, hustling pussy and saying shit like "where my money?" on a daily basis. Imagine yourself as Bonnie and Clyde with you sitting next to him while he calls his hoes "hoes" and "bitches" and demands them to fuck for duckets. If you're a ride or die girlfriend, you can even be a business partner by recruiting bitches, taking them to their appointments for coochie checks, stocking up on Rough Rider condoms, flat ironing his hair to that silky straight perfection that pimps desire and walking up and down the hoe stroll with a fanny pack collecting your 80%. Keep in mind that you will have to master the "pimp slap" if you're going to be his right hand man. Gotta keep these bitches in check, ya dig? Sounds good right? No... well, then you have option #2

(2) Accepting the fact that your on-again- off-again boyfriend of 3 years has been just that for a reason. There is something that makes you leave him and something that makes you come back. More than likely, you leave because he's a dick and you come back because of the dick and fear of being lonely and without him. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Know that you did all you could do for your relationship and move on to the next dick.

You have to decide whether or not you can deal with your significant other degrading women and hustling ass for a living. If you can, go with option one but don't come back here asking for advice on how to successfully pimp because I have no clue.
Assuming that you noticed my sarcasm in Option 1 and chose to go with Option 2- GOOD FOR YOU.
If I were you, i'd talk to my (insert air quotes) boyfriend about his entrepreneurial intentions, confirm that he is serious about it and then bounce. It seems to me that he hasn't thought this plan out or he probably just saw Hustle & Flow too many times and got caught up in the moment. That "Whup that Trick" song had me wanting to push bitches for gas money when I heard it too--- beat is ridiculous.

Also, Ms. Official, for someone that was raised with a strong Christian upbringing you should know that being a girlfriend to a Pimp is not what God intended you to be in life and, to be quite honest, your boyfriend sounds like an dollar store douche for even coming at you with that fuggery. Nobody aspires to be a damn pimp and the ones that do don't ask their girlfriends to tag along.
So, to answer your question- no, don't accept his bullshit.


OfficialNne said...

GIRL :D U are AMAZING i cant belive you actually are so real
i think you are right..ive never really seen any PIMPS with real..girlfriends that werent hoes..and i can NOT bring myself to imagine my man day in day out with ...hoes
so..i think ill explain it to him
he says he only wants the fast money to buy me things in future..but eh..i dont really belive that
girl :D i love you
no homo
but u really gave me some insight now i can back up my arguments and convince MYSELF its time to bounce
keep it up

simone_dior said...

*done died*
i can't...
you are my She-ro

RoByn LaTice said...

A pimp?
Hell naw, She bein' Punk'd
lmao, i LOVE this response tho!

Frankie Nichelle said...

More than likely, you leave because he's a dick and you come back because of the dick and fear of being lonely and without him.

chileeeee don't I know it! *sigh*

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

dollar store douche lol okay i'm done pretty sound advice though!!!!

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