Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm a Hater?

Let me get this right... so, if I don't like who/what/where you like or the majority of America likes... I'm a hater? Oh, that's how it works?

Sounds dumb, right? Well, to some, that's how it goes. I dont make the rules; I break them.

I am a very opinionated and strong minded woman. I tend to not like what everyone else likes. I don't do trends. I seem drawn to the underdog. Never been a STAN. I cant name one person, place, or thing that I admire or love so much that I would go hysterical to defend or call someone a hater if they didn't agree with me. I respect all opinions even if I don't agree with them. Even if I don't like something or agree with you, i will always call an apple an apple. So, again, how am I a hater?

My Nicki Minaj post??? You read all of that and instantly thought I was hating???? Oh, well excuse the fuck out of me for questioning her image change and questioning the cleverness of it(just in case you missed it- Ingenious is a good thing). What the fuck was I thinking- having my own theories and opinions 'n shit?

From the streets, to converstations with friends, to Twitter, and to the blog world the words "hate" and "hater" have become so overused and cliche'd that, in most cases, the person accused of hating isn't even hating but merely disagreeing. Disagreeing does not = Hating.

Let's try to define "hater"... help me out because I can be- and have been from time to time- wrong.
An envious or jealous person (I cant stand that bitch because she has what I have- HATING)

A person that goes out of their way to shed negativity against a person, place, thing for no apparent reason (Fuck Wale! He only sold 100,000 copies= HATING)

A person that attempts to destroy you just to make themselves feel better (Watch I slash the tires on that bitch's car just because Im on the bus= HATING)

A person that dislikes something for no reason at all (I dont like Beyonce because I dont like her= HATING)

A person that will try to make you feel unhappy about something that brings them joy (Friend: I just bought these shoes. Hater: They aight but I wouldnt wear no shit like that = HATING)

Someone that will make up lies about a person just because they dont like them (She got herpes because she fucked his homeboy= HATING)

Yes, there are haters. Yes, there are people that thrive off of negativity and dwell on bullshit. Yes, there are people that will confuse their jealousy with dislike. Not everyone that refuses to buy a Beyonce album are haters. Not all people will think that Nicki Minaj is the hottest female rapper ever. Not all people will spend 200 on True Religion jeans. Everyone will not always agree. That doesnt make them haters either.

People that can not seem to allow folks to have their own opinions without using the word "hater" sound like overly obsessed fans to me- or Stans- if you will. Those people can't fathom hearing someone say "I cant get with Lil Wayne". Those people will flip out on social networking sites saying stupid shit like "Yall just mad cuz yall aint getting money like _________". They get thier blood pressure all high just to tell someone that they are hating on so and so. They like something or someone sooo much that they have no other defense besides "you hating". To those people it could only be "hate". To those people, I say : Get a new hobby because the one you have of sack chasing is geting old.

If needed, I can provide a very detailed list via email of all the things that I am but hater will not be one of them.

Rant over.


Frankie Nichelle said...

"Yall just mad cuz yall aint getting money like _________".

Response: yea bitch, neither are YOU! lmao

fuck them and keep it moving cuz they're "hatin'" on your opinion ;)

khaki said...

@Frankie- RIGHT!!!!! *long sigh*

☆Reese✮ said...

You got a lotta nerve saying how you feel on YOUR blog. Hmph! *eye roll & a neck twist*

NightFall914 said...

"Hate/Hater" just joins the ever growing list of misused/overused/played out words in this conversationally retarded era.

1 of these time I'd like to really show these lames some "hate" so they never get it twisted again.

1/3 said...

Let me just say thanks for writing this post!!!!:-)

I'm constantly called a hater because I go against the majority on certain issues. People just need to learn to respect each others opinions and keep it moving!

Epiphany said...

all i have to say is: people are ignorant.

we are all entitled to our it or not.

kudos on this post :)

eaglebird said...

I can dig what you saying,I don't be hating nothing either I just despise certain shit especially these bum ass wizards right now!!!!

JaG said...

what i say to that is keep daring to be different!!! F the Stan's. lol

RoByn LaTice said...

lol @ your examples of hating! Smh at these simple peoples defense mechanism; calling someone a hater. They are heavy ass clit-riders if they willing to get into an in-depth arguement about how you must be a hater if you dont like Nicki. Your opinion is just that...tell them bitches to back back!

My World said...

That word doesnt sound good to me too....
Love your layout.

ChattiiCathii said...

this post was RIGHT ON TIME. & nothin' but truth. people DO use the word HATER out of context these days. it sounds good to people so they use it to make themselves FEEL more important

*kudos* for another post well written. I LOVE IT!

JStar said...

I am with you on this! I say speak YOUR mind anyway YOU want to and forget what anyone else thinks!!

Traci Lavette said...

You said it perfectly in this post.

That's why critical analysis is so important at a young age because then people don't grow up not knowing that it's O-KAY to form one's own opinion! They won't waste good energy on ignorant ass verbal attacks on somebody because they don't feel that person conforms to the train of thought that they do. Brush 'em off, girl, and keep it moving. WTF!

Melanie ~ Primary Thoughts, Inc. said...

I've come across a couple of hater posts on different blogs and yours had me rollin! Great Blog ~

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