Thursday, April 29, 2010


I fucking head aches. My mouth aches. My jaws ache (and not even for a good reason) and my spirit aches.

Last night, I came home, changed into my house clothes and began cooking just like every other night. While texting Crack, I finished up cooking a large pot of spaghetti with wheat noodles. Just like every other night, I grabbed two plastic containers out of my cabinet and filled them up with dinner for the same two people, Ms. Gloria and Shelton. Just like every night, I put the kid in the car and walked up one building to 3605, knocked on unit B. No answer. Knock again... Ms. Gloria's niece, Sharon opened the door, looking like she just had the best high she's ever had in her life.

Me: Hello, is Ms. Gloria around?
Her: No, she went to the hospital this morning.
Me: Oh, OK. Is she alright?
Her: I don't know. She was having a heart attack and the ambulamps [ambulance] took her to the hospital.
Me: OK- do you know what hospital she went to?
Her: No. Probably Good Samaritan or Union Memorial

She closes the door and I'm just standing there confused... shocked... hurt. I'm reminded of November 7th when my father passed away from a heart attack just a few blocks away from here. I remembered walking into Union Memorial almost 3 years ago knowing that I would have to identify my fathers body. Something told me that something wasnt right and I would never see Ms. Gloria again.

I made up my mind to check on her this morning after I came back from the dentist. After leaving the dentist with 2 less wisdom teeth, I stopped home to get my credit card and saw a few neighbors standing outside near 3605. One of the women called out to me. I can never remember her name i just always know her as the woman with no edges. I walk over and she tells me that Ms. Gloria died yesterday morning from a heart attack.

The rest of my body matched the numbness of my jaw as I walked back to my car and cried. I didn't know anything about this woman that I cooked for every night for the last month or so. I met her when my property manager and I was doing walk-throughs for the contractors. I had heard that an elderly woman lived in the basement unit of 3605 and didn't have any family to look out for her except for a niece who, apparently, had a very bad drug habit.

When she opened the door, she was wearing a long nightgown and had her grey hair pulled into a bun. We went to her kitchen to measure cabinets and she didn't have anything but a few canned vegetables and juice. From that day on, I always knocked on her door and gave her a plastic container of whatever I cooked that night. She always said "thank you, missy." as she handed me the cleaned container from the night before.

Today I found out more about the 72 year old woman who loved my baked fish and told me that adding Old Bay to my greens would make them taste better. I was told by another long-term resident that Ms. Gloria was a widow. Her husband and only child died in a car accident in 1974. She had one sister who passed in 1980. She was a college graduate, a teacher, she always paid her rent on time and had no known family other than her niece.

Even though i didn't know her that well, I still felt a connection to this woman. I know that she is in a better place with better company so the ache in my heart is gone. Now the two holes in the back of my mouth... that's another story.


sunshinestar110 said...

so that just made misty eyed! I'm sure you brought joy to her heart everyday when u stopped by to bring her a dish and i know she is smiling down on you as we speak. A better place she is in and will forever be sharing the guardian angel spot with your father.

stephanie said...

such compassion. i love it. if more people were this considerate of their neighbors, we'd all be better off.

SinfulLyo said...

wow. you're such a sweetheart! you remind me of myself. that's sad to hear about her passing but at least she's reunited with her husband and child. think of how much joy and happiness you brought into her life just by making her dinner and giving her conversation :] oh you probably can't smile with those puffy cheeks hehe.

Alovelydai said...

Simple, beautiful, compassionate...I just don't many people who would do that for a neighbor...most of us don't even know our neighbors & barely say hi to're such a sweetie.

BrownSugarBabe said...

you were doing a wonderful thing for your neighbor. as cliche as it does sound it is true she is in a better place. you really have a wonderful heart.

Anonymous said...

We should all be as considerate as you. Those few moments you two spend together probably meant so much to her.

Kingsmomma said...

My condolences go out to you. I think we all are meant to be at the right place at the right time to gain experience.

I hope someone in that family helps her neice.

khaki la'docker said...

Thanks you guys.... You all mustve thought I was just an evil biotch, huh? Nah, khaki got a little soft spot for puppies, old people and orphans.

@kingsmomma- I heard the neice was moving shit out of her house yesterday. Some people just need prayer.

@sinfullyo- dude, dont you go talking about my cheeks with your 69% ass cheeks (no rainbow). LOL

JStar said...

She was put in your life for a reason...I think yall needed eachother even if it was short lived...You brought prob the only joy to her heart in her last days on this earth! and she touched your soul...You will never forget her, eventho you didnt really know her

SinfulLyo said...

*hoodrat neckroll* OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!lol

Anonymous said...

you did a wonderful thing for her the past however long and for no other reason but being kind and thoughtful. That's a wonderful trait to possess. I'm sure she's resting peacefully .

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