Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Know Im Not The Only One...

That's annoyed with all of these chicks walking around here calling themselves BOSS BITCHES and Vixens. Bitch, please. having a car and a studio doesnt make you a BOSS nothing. Beat IT!

That eats my hamburgers piece by piece. I open the burger, eat the meat, then the bun. (OK.. I probably am bit whatever).

That still gets hyped when I listen to Mase's first CD Harlem World

That's tired of liquid leggings.

That wants to go on a hunt for the bitch that cancelled The Game. It takes a cruel muthafucker to get rid of the one show that I skipped class to watch. Bastards!


♥Porscha said...

yes Im going to miss the GAME and fine ass Derwin!! at least i can watch the episodes on YouTube

Anonymous said...

Yea I was pretty upset about The Game being cancelled as well. They kept switching the day & times n shit which always caused me to miss the show.

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