Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Im spending Valentines Day

either with my kid watching Good Times or by my lonesome watching Good Times.

I just dont get it...*sigh*

What are you guys doing?


SinfulLyo said...

vday is just another damn day girl. i'll be in bed eating goodies watching movies :] i have surgery thursday so i'll be recovering...with chocolates courtesy of my mama!

sunshinestar110 said...

I'm going to be talking to u on the phone while u and J watch good time *sigh* smh...better luck next year for us!

Shadé said...

Celebrating my birthday. But to me its bitter sweet =/

Epiphany said...

i dont know what i'll be doing. i wish i could spend it with my babe, but who knows what's going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Watching the All-Star game and doing my hair. Big fun!

Krissy said...

I don't celebrate it as a "holiday" But I have mommy duty 24/7 so that's what I'll be up to this sunday. Spending some QT with Princess Jasmine.

Kingsmomma said...

My son and I are going to Brunch... My sisters and I are going to See Damon Wayans on Thursday.

Rock said...

Come Hang with the Nappyhadedbros on V-Day. We'll cook you up something Nice and Special. Pause? (Precautionary).

Young Educated Black Male said...

Weather is fucking up my all-star weekend trip, but i'm gone be getting it in watching LBJ, Dwight Howard, etc fly through the

Might get a lil wasted too.

I'll think about getting that chick who's from baltimore who blogs about random shit something for v-day, but i'll still be bitter and scorned :-)

khaki said...

@sinful- dang, didnt know you were having surgery. Aww, man. i'll send you a Saved By the Bell Valentine.

@sunshine... one day our prince will come in a Maybach with 15 inch rims. LOL

@ Shade- happy bday just in case i dont hear from you...

@Epiphany... at least you have a "babe". Hope you get some D. ;)

@birdie... that sounds like a good plan... dont think it'll top Good Times marathon though

@Krissy... awwww

@Kingsmomma- i wanna kick you because that sounds really nice

@Rock- Pause? Hmmmm

@YBEM- sounds like some shit a bitter old man would do:) Dont think about doing it... just do it.

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